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6 Common Media Errors Users Encounter & Their Solutions

by D F
6 Common Media Errors Users Encounter & Their Solutions

Accessing media on digital devices such as desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones is quite simple and usually doesn’t require more than a proficient media player. The difficulty comes when you encounter errors while playing them. 

Did you also stumble upon certain media issues? If yes, keep reading.

In this article, you will find a list of common video or media-related problems and their potential solutions. 

Windows Media Player Errors

There are some cases in which users face issues while using media after upgrading their computer to Windows 10. They reported that their Media Play gets corrupted and stops working after doing a troubleshooting diagnostic. 

Some stated that they get an error message while using Windows Media Player without any prior information. A recent update using the System Restore can be the potential reason for this issue, so keep that in mind. 

To quickly solve this error, click the start button and type system restore. Choose Create a Restore Point and then select System Restore in the System Properties pane. Once your system is restored to the previous configuration, determine if the media player starts working efficiently.  

Videos Don’t Play on Mac

It’s quite a frustrating moment when you find out that your favorite videos not playing on Mac. Videos will not play on Mac if you’re getting an error “can’t open the media file” or missing video file segments.

Other possible signs may include audio distortion, no response while checking on the video file, or late response. There could be various reasons for these issues. Some of them are abrupt loss of power, damaged video headers, or irregular edits. 

To resolve such issues, check if JavaScript is enabled. Sometimes, the media player you are using needs an update. Check if any third-party app is causing the video-related interruption.  

VLC Error – Your Input Can’t Be Opened

Sometimes VLC Media Player shows an error – your input can’t be opened. This message appears while playing a YouTube video or streaming a video from the web. There are numerous methods to fix this problem. 

Reset VLC Preferences by going to Tools and then Preferences. Select the Reset Preferences on the simple preferences window and click the OK button. Another solution is to turn off the Windows Defender Firewall or the antivirus app installed on the computer.  

Click the Search icon on the taskbar and type Windows Defender Firewall. If the error persists, try other methods. It includes checking for VLC updates, changing file ownership, disabling third-party antivirus software, or reinstalling VLC.

Video Playback Errors

Facing a video playback error in Windows 10 is not a big problem as it happens often. It may occur due to various reasons such as corrupted video, missing supportive codec, issues within the video player, incorrect power plan settings in Control Panel, and more. 

If the cause is a corrupted file, use a professional video repair tool to fix any sort of corruption. Another alternative is to get the required codec pack by uninstalling the Codec Packs and rebooting your system. 

If it doesn’t work, run the troubleshooter scan. Go to Settings and hit the Update & Security option. Click on Troubleshoot and choose View. Click Video Playback and then the Next button. After this, follow the steps as instructed.

Slow or Sluggish Video

Sometimes it happens that the video you’re playing becomes slow or sluggish. It destroys the whole experience and makes it annoying when a video takes too much time to buffer. The problem may be in the browser, video file, internet speed, or computer. 

Check if the WiFi is working properly if you are streaming video online. To fix this issue, you may start with updating the video drivers or deleting the cache and temporary files. If these methods don’t work, try choosing an Ethernet cable. 

Use third-party video repair software to repair the damaged or corrupted video. If the issue is in a media player, change it, reinstall it, or simply upgrade it. 

Broken or Corrupt MP4 Files

Wondering how MP4 files can be broken? Yes, it could be possible due to various reasons. MP4 files you saved on your pen drive, hard drive, SD card, or other external storage devices can get corrupted or broken. 

It may be caused due to media corruption, abrupt system shut, or severe virus infection. To restore broken MP4 video files, you can use professional video repair tools or software. The reliable tool can repair video taken from drones, DSLRs, security cameras, or Go Pro. 

You can also attempt to update video drivers to the new version or use VLC Media Player to fix minor video damages.

The Conclusion

Playing videos and encountering problems are common for computer users. Since now you’ve learned about these common issues and their best possible solution, you can easily and quickly solve them. 

So, enjoy watching your favorite video on your computer without worrying about problems.  

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