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7 Tips to Make Branded Custom Noodles Boxes for Brand Recognition

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When we are in extreme hunger, noodles are the quickest and instantly cooked food that pops into our minds. And, it is equally famous among children, older and adults. So, people grab their desired ready-to-cook noodles from retail shelves and mix them in boiled water to make instant delicious noodles. On the other hand, the market road or food street stalls and restaurants turn their customer’s heads by offering appetizing noodles. But both types of noodles need custom noodle boxes to make their place in the industry. Let’s see why a restaurant and retail brand needs noodle boxes with customization and personalization. 

Why Do a Business Need Branded Noodle Boxes?

A custom noodle box is a tool that helps you in branding and marketing your product to people. Moreover, it provides better unboxing and customer experiences that force customers to buy your noodles again. Plus, it protects your product from spoiling and maintains its taste for your consumers. Also, esthetic design and add-ons make your branded noodle cases catchy for your target audiences. Therefore, both types of noodle sellers need branded and customized packaging for their product presentation. 

Steps to Make Catchy Noodle Boxes

If you are worried about designing tailor-made noodle boxes, use a customized advanced packaging solution. Moreover, this article helps you design catchy and preeminent custom printed noodle boxes that assist you in branding. Here are some tips and tactics that you can use for noodle cases. 

Finalize Your Target Audiences and Their Needs 

Without understanding your audience’s needs, you cannot design product packaging. If you can do this, you waste all your investment on the wrong dimensions. Due to this, do your analysis and find your target audiences and think from their perspective about what they demand from your brand. So, if you deal in retail custom noodle boxes you can research what type of packaging customers love for uncooked noodle packaging. Similarly, if you deal with takeaway and cooked noodle suppliers, you must check their trends for perfect noodle cartons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Choose a Meaningful Logo for Brand Representation

After knowing the interest of your audience, now it’s time to use the logo and brand name on your custom printed noodle boxes that make them identical to your consumers. Add to this; a brand logo and trademark show your brand authentication for your customers that help them to maintain your trust in your brand. Also, using a logo doesn’t mean that you can pick any kind of logo without any thinking and logic for your brand. As you know, a logo, either in the form of text or a symbol, must show your brand’s core values and ideology. So, you must create a unique logo capable of presenting your thoughts to people. 

Explore Multiple Types of Logos for your Brand 

Well, there are many logos from which brands pick according to your message and choice. So, before you design your logo, you must know what aspects you want to use in your logo and what they represent. In addition to this, the print logo is not a task, and it contains many aspects that create the whole picture of your brand for your target audiences. 

Brands need to pick a unique font style, text, color, shape, picture, and symbols to make the desired logo. If you can give a funny and humorous look to your noodle boxes, you must use the mascot logo for your brand. Furthermore, you can use text-based and combination logos for your noodle boxes. Here are some imperative types of logos that you choose as per your desire to print noodle boxes wholesale

  • Wordmark logo 
  • Letter mark logo 
  • Abstract logo 
  • Mascot logo 
  • Symbolic logo 
  • Pictorial logo 
  • The combination mark logo 
  • The emblem logo 

Pick Custom and Unique Font Style for Noodle Packaging 

After choosing your logotype, you need to find a font set style that relates to your brand and is readable for your customers. On this subject, find a packaging designer who provides the best and most stylish fonts that you can use to print different types of text on boxes. Plus, never use more than 2 or 3 font styles for one packaging box. Plus, you can need versatile font sizes for your printed noodle boxes. For instance, you cannot use the brand name font style and size to print other details on your packaging like expiry, MFG, ingredients, and quantity. 

Play with Color to Make Adorable Noodle Boxes 

Well, the use of a catchy color combination makes your noodle boxes more demanding and titillating from a long distance. On this subject, play with colors and ask your food packaging boxes manufacturers to provide the accurate shade with CMYK and PMS color models. Moreover, your packaging supplier must use FDA-approved inks that are eco-friendly and hygienic for your target audiences. Also, you have to choose 1-color printing, 2-color printing, 3-color printing, 4-color printing, 4-CMYK and 2-PMS printing for your noodle packaging as per your budget. 

Choose Quality Cardstock for Noodle Boxes 

Your food boxes’ quality and security standards make them worthy for customers. So, choose noodle boxes material that is durable and leakage proof to hold stuff inside the box. Thus, you can use cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and bux board material for noodle packaging. And, you can choose your required option from 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pr, 20pt, 22pt and 24pt for your target customers. Also, your packaging supplier must use FCS-approved hygienic and premium–quality material for noodle boxes. When you use quality material for your target audiences, it makes you special and perfect for your target customers. 

Functional Styles for Noodle Boxes  

And last but not least, you need to choose a durable and elegant style for noodle containers. The style must be captivating and easy to a consumer for your consumers. Therefore, you can use sealed boxes, reverse tuck-end, and straight tuck-end boxes for retail noodle boxes. And bottom closure, noodle bucket, and scallop-style noodle box with interlocking flaps are best for cooked noodles. Hence, all these things, printed info, design, catchy color, add-on, and custom material, make your noodle cases perfect for boosting your sales and brand growth. 

Wrapping Up Thoughts 

So, the article mentioned above explains tips that help you craft branded noodle boxes with customized solutions. On this subject, you need to understand your product need and finalize your target audiences. Also, find a meaningful customized logo for custom noodle boxes that represent your brand values in front of your target audiences. Brands use multiple types of logos as per their interest and message, so choose the right option for your brand today. Append to this, choose the unique font style, the thickness of the material, and the functional styles for noodle boxes at your doorstep


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