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All About Lava Stone Gas Grill

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A special form of the gas grill is the lava stone gas grill. This combines the advantages of the gas-based grill variants and the traditional charcoal grills, which could be especially interesting for all those who miss the “feeling” of grilling with gas.


You do not have to do without any amenities of the standard gas grills. For example, there are also 2- or 3-flame gas grills, gas grills with side burners, and models with a wide variety of additional functions as well as gas grill spare parts and accessories. With a simple 3-burner gas grill from Landmann, you have to pay up to 200 euros.


Spare parts for the gas grill can either be ordered directly from the manufacturer or ask the hardware store whether the spare parts for the gas grill are in stock there.


Note, however, that a gas grill with a side burner takes up much more space than a ball grill.


Between burners and grates, there is a storage surface for lava stones, which you can use again and again and only need to undergo a thorough cleaning every now and then.


The stones store heat particularly well and distribute it just as evenly as a charcoal grill so that your gas grill can fully unfold its full performance. In addition, the lava stones promote an authentic aroma, as dripping meat juice can burn into the gas grill and thus unfold its magic – without the formation of toxins.

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Further advantages are the low smoke development and the very simple and fast ignition. Thus, according to various tests, the lava stone BBQ gas grill is the optimal choice for traditional and health-conscious grill masters. Another purchase criterion is whether you want to use additional cooking utensils, such as a Dutch Oven, for example, with the grill. For this, the grill surface should have a minimum size and the grill should reach a high minimum temperature.


Grill Size and weight

Depending on which shape or type of gas grill you choose, the size may also be different. If there are gas grills in an immense variety of sizes, you can choose between very small to excessively large models depending on the occasion. In addition, the number of burners usually varies, which is discussed in more detail below.


In summary, the ideal size of your gas grill depends primarily on what you want to use it for and how many people participate in the BBQ. If you only want to grill in the garden with some friends, you can easily reach for a larger model. For camping, however, lighter and smaller gas grills are usually suitable. These are usually enough for 2 to 3 people.


The number of burners and burner types


The number of burners depends heavily on the size of the gas grill. In general, it is said that for a hobby griller already one burner is sufficient, while for a barbecue for several people a number of at least two burners is recommended. Gas grills with three burners are suitable for larger crowds.


Grills with gas operations also have different types of burners. You will often come across the words “side burner” and “backburner” in gas grill tests in this compound. However, the differences between these types of gas grill burners can be quickly explained:


Backburners, also called backplane burners, are attached to the rear side wall of the gas grill. They are responsible for grilling the grilled food on rotisserie skewers evenly from all sides. Whether you should opt for a gas grill with a backburner or not depends primarily on whether you also want to work with accessories such as barbecue skewers.


A gas grill can also have side burners or “side cookers”. In this case, outside the actual grill area, usually next to the grill, there is an additional burner on which further side dishes can be prepared. This function is particularly recommended for larger events when a single grill grate is not sufficient.


A 4-burner gas grill is particularly suitable for grilling different dishes with different cooking points at the same time. However, this also has its price, a 4-burner gas grill from, for example, Grillfürst you get from 550 euros upwards.


Material: Most models are made of stainless steel


If you’re wondering what material your gas grill is best made of, you can be sure: most gas grills are made of stainless steel, and you can’t go wrong either.


The stainless steel gas grill convinces with a characteristic appearance and a comparatively long service life. In addition, stainless steel is rust-free, does not get dirty as quickly and is extremely temperature-resistant.


Performance: The devil is in the details

The strong performance of your gas grill is almost even more important than a large size. Because even a small grill with a high kilowatt number can have the same heating power as a large device. So how much kW should a gas grill have approximately?


Again, a large gas grill with a comparatively low kW/h specification can sometimes not keep up with the performance of a small grill. Of course, the size is still crucial for a sufficient grill area, but the interaction of these two factors guarantees the purchase of an efficient gas grill.


Guidelines: If you rarely grill, an output of about 2-4 kW/h should be sufficient. The average is 10 kW/h. Gas grills with an output of 17 kW/h are suitable for professional grillers and more diverse dishes. If necessary, there are also even more powerful models.

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