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Best Gaming Backpack

by D F

One thing no gamer ever mentions is Gaming Backpacks, gaming backpacks are just as important as gaming laptops. In today’s daily hustle protecting and guarding your laptop is super necessary, especially to avoid any kind of scratches and damage to your precious gaming tool!

You should also make absolutely sure that the bag you purchase or currently own is appropriate for your life completely. The backpack should also be light and simple to carry but spacious at the same time. However, the room isn’t the only issue.

Laptops are the most precious property of gamers, freelancers, and digital nomads, as well as one of their regular carry ables.

Your bag as a tech wanderer must fit in with the rest of your belongings. It’s critical for a freelancer’s rucksack to project a professional image. And a gamer’s bag has to be roomy. As a player, you not only transport your laptop but also your favorite keyboard, mouse, headset, and, in certain circumstances, your gaming controller.

As a result, a laptop bag is a must-have for you. However, selecting the proper backpacks isn’t always simple. Many factors must be considered, like the amount of space a backpack supplies, its weight, its desired size and color, and, of course, the level of security it gives and much more.

But don’t you worry; you have landed in the correct place. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top seven laptop bag packs that you’ll adore. We have even included some pros and cons just to sort things up for you.

Moreover, we have a buying guide at the end of this article that will give you some clarity on what you need and How to Choose the Right Gaming Backpack for Comfort and Style.

So let’s just get bag packing, shall we?

7 Best Gaming Backpack – Top 7 Editor’s Picks

Here is a small list of the bags that we will talk about in detail-

#1. Everki Titan – Large Gaming Backpack

#2. ENHANCE Universal Gaming Laptop Backpack

#3. Gaming Laptop Backpack by Mogplof – Budget Friendly

#4. Legion Armored 17 inch Gaming Backpack by Lenovo

#5. Dell Alienware Backpack for Gaming

#6. Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack with Gaming Console Sleeve

#7. Predator Utility Gaming Backpack by Acer

Bloggers, gamers, and freelancers, or just regular work buds we have tried to do our best here and we’ve considered several of the important characteristics and compiled a selection of the top gaming backpacks to help you choose one that’s right for you. This list, although, isn’t only for gamers; we believe entrepreneurs and digital travelers will also find something here that suits their needs.

So let’s start without further delay!

1. Everki Titan – Large Gaming Backpack

Best Gaming Backpack
  • Dedicated ultra-soft padded laptop compartment
  • Included water-resistant weather cover
  • Dedicated soft fine-felt lined iPad/Kindle/Tablet pocket
  • 5-point balance strap


Coming in at number one is Everki Titan – Large Gaming Backpack.

Everki’s Titan backpack is exactly what its name implies: a giant. It’s a beast for frequent travelers because of its massive 40-liter storage space. It can fit comfortably a laptop up to 18.4 inches because of its huge size. A 13-inch tablet may be carried in a separate compartment. Both compartments are well-padded to keep your electronics safe and protected.

This bag’s exterior is treated with a water-resistant weather layer that protects it from snow, dust, and rain, making it suitable for trekking as well. There are also a few easy accessibility compartments on its front, sides, and top to store your phone, keys, power banks, water bottle, or just about everything else that you would need readily at hand. A pouch is also supplied to store your accessories, such as your laptop’s charger, safely and separately.

The backpack’s back contains ergonomic cushioning that allows it to lie comfortably on your back without causing any strain or pain. The shoulder straps are also fairly comfortable, as well as the five-point balancing mechanism keeps the backpack well-balanced. The bag is travel-friendly, opening up to a full 180 degrees like a typical suitcase, allowing you to easily fit all of your belongings within.

It’s a really good choice for just about anyone.


Internal padding and external weather protection coating keeps all your belongings safe and secure

Has a travel-friendly design and opens up to 180 degrees

Huge 40-liter capacity

The ergonomic design keeps your back from straining

Separate compartments for a laptop and a tablet


A bit pricey

2. ENHANCE Universal Gaming Laptop Backpack

Best Gaming Backpack
  • Dedicated Storage compartment for consoles
  • Front opening storage
  • Outfitted with padded liners
  • Moisture resistant fabric on the backside


Next is the ENHANCE Universal Gaming Laptop Backpack. Let us talk about it in detail.

This bag features pockets for everything from computers, gaming consoles, and keyboards to headphones, gaming controllers, and virtual reality headsets. There are also separate compartments for cords, chargers, game discs, mouse, and other small items. These pockets are referred to as accessory caches by Enhance.

The great aspect is that all of the sections are similarly cushioned for simple organizing and protection against bumps and scratches. This bag is intended exclusively for commuting gamers, as the name implies.

You have two color options, both of which are appealing. The backpack is inexpensive and includes a moisture-resistant liner sewed inside, as well as the weather-resistant fabric on the exterior. With the purchase of this bag, Enhance also includes a 3-year warranty.

It has an average design and is rather tiny in size. In truth, the backpack is solely useful for transporting your console or laptop.

But gamers would absolutely love this bag pack as it can easily store all their necessary accessories.


Has dedicated compartments for laptop, gaming console, and accessories

Made with high-quality weather and moisture resistant material

Small and lightweight for ease of carrying everywhere

The affordable price tag makes it one of the best budget options

Heavily padded insides keep everything safe from scratches and bumps


The small size restricts it to be used for other purposes

3. Gaming Laptop Backpack by Mogplof – Budget Friendly

Best Gaming Backpack
  • large business travel backpack
  • protection for laptop computers and tablet
  • Served as durable large backpack
  • designed for airplane traveling


The third on the list is Gaming Laptop Backpack by Mogplof – Budget Friendly.

With enough room to spare, the backpack can comfortably fit an 18.4-inch laptop and everything else you could possibly imagine hauling with you. A second compartment is also available for keeping a tablet. The wire slot at the top of the headset pleased us the most. You may safely store your phone or tablet inside the bag while still listening to music with your preferred wired headphone.

The backpack expands to a full 180 degrees for simple packing, and there’s a USB outlet on the side to charge your phone while you’re out and about. Water-resistant polyester material and robust zippers are used to make the backpack even better. There are two accent colors to choose from silver and red. There’s also a baggage strap on the back of the bag that you may use to connect your bag to the rest of your belongings when traveling.

This is the most cost-effective choice on the list. It is reasonably priced, and thankfully, it is also rather large. It may be used for regular commuting as well as local and international excursions, with a capacity of 55 liters. In addition, the bag is RFID-certified. As long as your gadgets are within the bag, their pockets are hack-proof and keep your sensitive data safe.

Aren’t you impressed? Cause we are flattered!


Made out of durable and water-resistant polyester

Has an external USB port as well as an opening for earphones

Very spacious. Perfect for carrying full-sized laptops

Amazingly affordable price tag

RFID certification makes it secure from any kind of digital data theft

Can open up to a full 180 degrees for easy organization and packing


At this price range, there isn’t possibly anything to complain about.

4. Legion Armored 17 inch Gaming Backpack by Lenovo

Best Gaming Backpack
  • dedicated PC compartment fits gaming laptops
  • Perfectly placed pockets provide quick access
  • Unbeatable durability
  • water-resistant PU fabric


Meet the Legion Armored 17 inch Gaming Backpack by Lenovo.

The Legion Armored from Lenovo is the backpack for you if you want something that does its job well and looks lovely doing it. It can fit a laptop up to 17 inches wide, as you would have inferred from the name. In total, there are three compartments in the bag. There are also 16 compartments of various sizes to store all of your attachments, such as your mouse, power cord, flash drives, and so on.

The bag is created and sewn over a waterproof structure that can withstand any sort of climate. The design’s toughness does not come at the expense of your convenience. The backpack’s back panel is compression molded, which means it allows for plenty of airflows so your back doesn’t heat. The shoulder straps also include a chest clip to keep the backpack firmly in place on your back, especially while hiking over uneven surfaces.

Let’s get a look at how it appears. On the front of the bag is a red symbol that looks like a Y. The outside fabric is matte black, while the inside is gray with stunning and prominent red accents tastefully placed everywhere. It costs little under $70 and weighs somewhat more than 3 pounds.

There’s nothing to not like about this amazing backpack.


Has 16 pockets of various sizes to carry all your accessories

Can house a laptop of up to 17 inches with ease

Beautiful and attractive design

Has a ventilated back to keep you relaxed even on long journeys

Built over a weatherproof exoskeleton to provide extra sturdiness


Weighs a lot for its size

5. Dell Alienware Backpack for Gaming

Best Gaming Backpack
  • back panel is molded and vented
  • padded pockets protect your laptop
  • 3 large, main compartments
  • reinforced, weather-resistant, non-slip base


Next is the bag from the well-known company dell.

The Alienware brand, as well as its accessories, are well-known among gamers. The Vindicator 2.0, its backpack, has made it onto this list. This bag is available in three sizes to accommodate computers measuring 13, 15, and 17 inches. With the exception of the size, all of the versions are constructed in the same way. There’s a dedicated compartment for your tablet, as well as many extra compartments to keep the majority of your belongings sorted. Within it, you’ll find an elastic strap to hang your preferred headset. The inside of the bag is extensively cushioned to keep all of your stuff secure from shocks.

Dell’s Vindicator series is dubbed Armored Gear, and rightfully so. High-density nylon material covers the outside of the backpack, which not only offers ventilation but also protects and shields all of your belongings. A weather-resistant base layer can also be seen strengthening the bag to prevent it from sliding and ripping with continuous use. Dell has included a molded panel at the front of the backpack that helps it to maintain its form even when vacant.

The back is cushioned and ergonomically built to relieve stress. On the shoulder straps, there’s also a chest lock mechanism to keep the bag secure during continuous hikes. The entire appearance is striking, with Alienware branding prominently displayed.


Made with weather-resistant material and nylon to provide a non-slip grip and an ample amount of ventilation

Affordably priced

Can be bought in three different sizes to best fit your laptop

The molded front panel helps the backpack retain its shape

Has a lot of room to easily organize all your gaming gear


Absolutely no cons. It’s very hard to find any flaws in this one.

6. Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack with Gaming Console Sleeve

Best Gaming Backpack
  • Dedicated ultra-soft padded laptop compartment
  • full 180 degree opening of the main compartment
  • Gaming console sleeve
  • Dual hand-carry handles for easy lifting


Next up is Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack with Gaming Console Sleeve.

This Everki entry is perfect for people hunting for a versatile bag. The Beacon is spacious enough to accommodate an 18-inch laptop, your favorite game console, and all of the supplies you could need. The interiors are coated with high-quality felt in an eye-catching orange color and have padding below for further protection.

The backpack is made to survive even the most difficult of journeys. It boasts a user-friendly design that allows for simple loading and organizing thanks to a complete 180-degree flip. You may even keep the front buckles fastened to open the bag halfway down from the front if that’s not necessary.

Side pockets provide simple access to materials such as a bottle of water or a phone. The bag’s zippers appear to be robust and of good quality. It also includes two grips that make lifting the suitcase in luggage handling situations like airports a delight. The Beacon, like other excellent quality backpacks, provides weather protection and is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


Spacious with separate compartments for a laptop and a gaming console

Ergonomically designed back and shoulder straps make it a delight to be worn

Has padded and felt-lined insides for extra protection

Sturdy and high built quality

Dual handles on the front allow easy handling of the bag


Some inside pockets feel rather small

7. Predator Utility Gaming Backpack by Acer

Best Gaming Backpack
  • Cushioned mesh back panel for ventilated Air flow
  • Water repellent coating protection and zippers
  • Bottom pocket for power adapter Brick
  • Luggage handle pass-through design


This multipurpose backpack, from a well-known gaming laptop and accessories company, accomplishes all you expect of it. The bag is composed of ballistic nylon fabric, which is water and tear-resistant and can handle even the harshest of conditions. A mesh panel on the back guarantees air circulation and keeps your back dry. The shoulder straps are cushioned for increased comfort, while chest buckles keep the backpack balanced.

Inside, there’s enough room for a 17-inch laptop and all of your gaming gear, including a full-sized keyboard. Inside and exterior, there are many compartments for storing cables, battery banks, and other accessories. For further protection, it’s treated with a military-grade water repellent. The bag also features a baggage pass-through construction to make traveling easier.


Can hold all gaming accessories with ease

Acceptable at airports thanks to its luggage pass-through design

Multiple pockets and compartments for easy organization

Can easily house a 17-inch laptop

Very high-quality built with a tear-free and water-resistant design


Comes with an expensive price tag

How to Choose the Right Gaming Backpack for Comfort and Style – Buying Guide

Now we are done with all the reviews. Let’s move on towards a buying guide to help you figure out just what you need. By the end of the guide you would know How to Choose the Right Gaming Backpack for Comfort and Style, so let’s start with the basics-

A gaming laptop, mouse, keyboard, consoles, headset, and other possible gaming accessories may all be carried in a backpack. It also gives support and safety against damages. Before you go out and pick up a nice gaming backpack, bear the following facts in account-

The amount of weight

Gaming laptops are often large and hefty. When you add in any attachments like a headset, mouse, keyboard, or gaming controller, you’ve got a lot of weight to carry around. When you add a bag that weighs more than 2 or 3 pounds to the mix, you’ll find yourself fighting to carry the backpack. So, when you go out and buy something, make sure you know how much the bag weighs. The lighter the bag, the better.


When looking for the greatest gaming backpack for oneself, the size should be your main consideration. Knowing the size of your laptop is the easiest approach to determine the proper size. An excellent option is to get a backpack that is specifically designed to fit your laptop. Any larger than that will make the bag appear overly bulky.

Built quality

Where you’re from and how often you plan to travel with your laptop and other gaming equipment, you should indulge in a weather-resistant and sturdily designed backpack that will provide appropriate protection for all of your belongings.

Pockets and Compartments

For the compartments you may or may not require, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe. Having a large number of compartments, on the other hand, will allow you to effortlessly arrange your belongings. The additional number of pockets will come in handy if you want to carry your laptop and textbooks in the same backpack. Outside pockets that are small and easy to access are also handy in most instances. Consider how you want to use the bag and look for one with a sufficient amount of pockets and sections.


If you travel frequently and don’t want to invest in a separate travel bag, go for a backpack with a carry-on or luggage pass-through tag. All international and domestic airlines will normally accept a piece of luggage with such a tag.


A buying choice is never complete without a well-thought-out spending plan. While you may have set a budget for a backpack in advance, keep in mind that less expensive selections may not meet all of your needs. A bag with a lot more features than you actually need and a higher price tag may also provide superior protection and durability for your belongings. Making it a smarter choice isn’t always easy.

Packing up

We are not going to recommend a specific backpack for you. We’ll let you make a list of the purposes and features you’re searching for and utilize the above buying advice and the list of the best gaming backpacks we’ve provided to make your own choices. Nonetheless, if you have any queries about any of these bags, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please bear in mind that the information in this article is current as of today and is subject to change at any time. It’s great if you do your research to stay updated about the backpacks available. Please let us know if there is a product that you believe ought to be included in this list, we would be happy to include it.

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