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Best Hard Disk Wiping Software in India

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Best Hard Disk Wiping Software in India

Several data erasing software are available on the Indian market that can complete the task. However, we’ll discuss the top data erasing tools in this article.

Which method do you consider to be the best for wiping hard drives?

Use of hard drive wiping software is the appropriate response. Data wiping software are significantly more comprehensive than the “Shift+Del” operation.

It aids in making sure that your data is irretrievably lost and destroyed. And if you intend to sell or dispose your hard disc, you definitely need that. The list of the top data-erasing software in India is shown below.

The top data erasure software available in India

BitRaser Drive Eraser

BitRaser is the tool you need if you’re looking for the best data wiping solution for erasing data from hard drives in 2023. Your data erasure problems will be completely solved by BitRaser. By means of an automated process, the BitRaser Drive Eraser enables you to wipe up to 32 hard discs at once. The software can then instantly upload erasure reports to the cloud. In 2023, BitRaser Drive Eraser is among the top Software for erasing data.

BitRaser is the approved software that has the ability to permanently wipe sensitive data from a variety of storage media. Hard discs, SSDs, PCs, and rack-mount servers are included in this. Major disc kinds like SATA, PATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, etc. are also supported.

Top characteristics:

  • BitRaser is a potent data-erasing programme. Up to 32 drives can be erased quickly and concurrently.
  • Likewise, the erasing is automated. Installing the software and choosing the drive to be deleted are the only steps required.
  • This data wiping programme instantly creates a certificate of erasure and a tamper-proof data deletion report. This demonstrates that the data deletion was place in accordance with standards.
  • To distribute licences, BitRaser is accessible with Cloud Console. Also, managing cloud-based software is simpler.

Blancco Drive Eraser

In 2022, Blancco will be among the best data erasing Software. The software provides a certificate of erasure to support its promise of permanent erasure. With a patented SSD Erasure solution, Blancco is the market leader in the provision of data erasure software. This technology makes erasure impossible to recover from.

Top characteristics:

  • It has an automated methodology, which greatly improves how easily data is erased.
  • Data from many discs can be permanently deleted simultaneously.
  • A digital certificate of erasure that shows that data has been properly wiped is sent to you by Blancco.
  • Both Windows and Mac OS are compatible with Blancco Drive Eraser.

File Shredder

This is a free desktop application that shreds your data to make it non-recoverable. In this data wiping software, there are 5 different file deletion algorithms available. And each new one will be safer than the previous one. File shredders work well for both home and business use.

Top characteristics:

  • Disk Wiper is built in. Your hard disc clears out extra space as a result.
  • There is no minimal hardware needed for it.
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and Windows Server 2008 are all compatible.


For non-commercial use, this is among the greatest data wiping tools available in 2022. You can delete particular files, an entire disc, or even empty hard drive space with Hardwipe. To make sure that your files cannot be recovered, the utility allows up to 35 passes of deletion.

Top characteristics:

  • Both internal drives and portable storage devices are erased.
  • With a customizable “right-click” menu, it interfaces with file explorer.
  • You have the option of erasing data with high or low priority. The quantity of system resources used will change as a result.
  • Respects international standards like DOD 5220.22-M and GOST R 50739-95.
  • From Windows XP to Windows 10 compatible.


This is a free file eraser that cleans hard discs by overwriting existing files. PrivaZer makes use of methods that swiftly identify the kind of storage device you’re deleting. Based on that, it will modify its data sanitization procedures.

Top characteristics:

  • Eliminates leftover trace data in open spaces.
  • Follows regulations such as DoD 5220.22-M and DAR 380-19.
  • There are ten main uses for the tool. This contains Clean & Protect, Locate & Display, and Smart Cleaning of Free Space.
  • Suitable for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

HDShredder 6

A data-erasing programme called HDShredder 6 is designed for short-term and private use. It features a free version that only includes Level 1 security and “Entire Drive Deletion.” Yet, newer iterations of the application might offer you up to 18 degrees of security. Additionally, it complies with 15 international security norms.

Top characteristics:

  • The programme enables fast data erasure that complies with global erasure standards.
  • You have access to deletion techniques like SmartDefectSkip and Random deletion pattern with the premium version.
  • The device includes options for both manual and automatic shredding.
  • able to run on Windows XP and later versions.

Disk Wipe

This portable, free programme runs on Windows-based computers. The volume is permanently deleted by the software. Hence there is no chance of data recovery after deletion.

Top characteristics:

  • It efficiently deletes data. It accomplishes this by quickly formatting the disc before wiping it.
  • To utilise the software, you don’t need to install it.
  • It has an effective algorithm that replaces the current data. Your data is indeed deleted in this way.
  • Functions with SD cards, USB sticks, and other external memory gadgets.
  • Windows OS 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista are all compatible with it.

Selecting the best data wiping software is crucial for the interests of both you and your company. Make sure the option you select from the list satisfies your data erasure requirements.

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