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Real Examples How to Create a Buyer Persona

Do extensive research about your audience

The buyer persona you design for your business should be based on actual research and not just a guess based on your own experience. Here’s a simple demographic study to help you (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) understand more about your target market or the audience persona(s).


You can gather demographic data via telephone or in-person, via web-based surveys, or by using the tools for social media analysis.


Collect information on your existing customers as well as your social media followers

Consider details like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Power of purchase and purchasing habits
  • Hobbies
  • Challenges
  • The stage of life

In the case of B2B models, it is also important to consider the company’s size and who decides on purchases.


Collect data from sources like:


Analytics for social media. Utilize native tools such as Facebook Insights, Audience Insights, LinkedIn analytics, or an online tool for managing social media such as Hootsuite.

Your customer database will reveal the ways your customers find and use your information.

Google Analytics.

It is essential to utilize social media channels to interact with your customers. If you don’t, your strategy will not succeed.


You can collect this information by finding out where your ideal customers will spend their time on the internet. Here are some helpful sources:


  • Discover the top hashtag-related websites.
  • Google Analytics: Examine the social media websites that show referral traffic in your report.
  • Hootsuite Digital Trends report: Find out about the global use of social media trends.
  • Monitor your opponents
  • Both you and your immediate competitors are probably targeting similar online audiences.


Monitoring their social media profiles and observing the most successful and least effective campaigns and posts can aid in understanding the people you share a common interest and avoid repeating identical mistakes.


To find out more, read our comprehensive guide to competitive analysis.


Find out what your customers’ requirements are and concerns

It is the next thing to do: determine your clients’ particular challenges and issues. What obstacles are preventing them from achieving their targets?


One of the most effective methods to get the information is to participate in social listening and research the sentiment of social media.


In the case of research that focuses on paid social strategies, Facebook Audience Insights is an outstanding (and completely free) tool for businesses to understand their targeted viewers and boost their Facebook advertising campaign’s performance.


Facebook Dashboard for Audience Insights shows the age, gender, and other lifestyle details.

Source: Facebook


It is easy to use Audience Insights to build customer profiles with a high amount of depth. This lets you improve the way you tailor your marketing to the needs of your target audience.


You can also utilize Hootsuite to create streams that track certain hashtags and mentions about your brand’s name on social networks. This can provide you with real-time information about people’s opinions about your business on social media. Use this information to know what customers like about your products or brand and what they would like to improve.


Find out More about Hootsuite Streams:



Find out what your customers’ needs are

The goals of your customers are the same as your issues. Your social media plan should be aligned with your customer’s goals to get the maximum outcomes.


Your assumptions can be based on the model of your business. Here are a few examples:


If you own an eatery, your customers have a common goal of enjoying a great dining experience in a pleasant space and good service.

If you’re in the health care industry, your clients’ needs are likely to be centered around quick, reliable, and accessible service.

You operate an e-commerce company, your customers are likely centered around price and quality.

Be aware that these are broad categories for goals, and you need to focus your campaigns and designs around one (or several) of these objectives.


When you determine your potential customer’s goals, it is possible to include your customer service and sales teams. They have direct contact with people who are thinking about using your products. They may be able to give you some specific and valuable information directly right from their source.

Know how you can help the customer.

Once you’ve made thorough notes of the problems and objectives of your buyer’s persona, You will have a better understanding of what your services and products will help. At this point, you need to detail all the advantages you can provide to the client and not just the advantages of the product.


Benefits include how the product you offer can ease your customer’s life or make it more enjoyable, while an attribute is what the product performs. Buyer personas can be useful since they force marketers to consider the buyer’s viewpoint, not just the attributes associated with the service or product.


In each one of your trouble locations and the goals that you’ve identified, consider three questions:


  1. What can you do to help your clients? Answer the questions on the persona template by writing one sentence that addresses the question.


  1. What are the biggest obstacles hindering your prospects of becoming clients? What could you do to make them more satisfied?


  1. Which stage of the buying process is your customer in? Are they in search of details, or are they prepared to purchase?


The information you gather from other teams can assist you in answering these questions for all of your characters.


Develop your buyer persona

The final stage of the whole process is to combine your findings in order.


Provide your names and occupations, and then look for other pertinent aspects. They could be a combination of

  • Age
  • gender
  • Income
  • marital status
  • Education level
  • regardless of whether they reside in the countryside or the city
  • travel habits
  • pets
  • Ensure any of the goals and pain points in every profile.


This will enable your team to visualize the segment of the audience that the persona is representing and communicate to them in any marketing tactics.


For instance, a software professional urban dad would represent himself through a character called Tech Sam. The traits of Tech Sam might include:

  • He is 38 years old.
  • He has a child who is 1
  • The man lives in Chicago
  • works for a huge technology company.
  • earns $150,000 per year.
  • owns a Subaru
  • enjoys camping and hike.
  • doesn’t have enough time for himself.
  • enjoys brands such as The North Face, Patagonia, Arcteryx
  • And so on.


The goal of”buyer persona” is to allow for you to reach Sam rather than a general class that includes “men in their 30s” and “software experts.”


Buyer persona examples

Single Grain

As a digital marketing company, Single Grain understands the importance of well-targeted marketing. However, they aren’t all of their clients are as savvy in marketing.


One of their customer personas is Frank, a business director, and founder.


Frank, Founder





Age 62

We were married for 40 years and had three children, ages 26, 28 and 22

The annual HH income is $256,000.

Living in a suburban single-family house

President of Founder Accounting



Keep your customers satisfied and keep turnover to a minimum

Keep your business current in the ever-changing environment



Preventing current clients from changing to cloud-based accounting companies

Staying current with the latest technologies

Recruiting new talent is essential to ensure that the company continues to grow.

Common issues


I paid for a site in the past five years. Why should I have to pay for a new one?

I’m not sure how a new site will help my business expand?

Single Grain’s character provides (Buy YouTube Views UK) their marketing and sales employees an idea of the people they need to be marketing to and what issues their efforts should address.


Flight Media

While Flight Media’s sample character isn’t as thorough but it’s still extremely relevant. In the end, there’s the chance that you’ve known Jane:






Age: 34

Female gender:

Roles: Gym Owner / Marketing Manager / Head of Sales




Memberships are usually for moms who stay at home and gym owners who are new to the business.

Marketing solutions


Offline campaigns

Google Adwords

Blogging on a website

Internal drivers


I would like to interact with customers and clients on a personal basis

Respect for others and a secure setting

She is worried about losing customers and a strong impression in her relationship with them but not making an impact through her business.


Each time you decide to implement your social media posts or your general marketing strategy, make sure you keep the buyer’s persona in your mind. If you can target these people as efficiently, you’ll be able to create an emotional connection with the actual clients they represent, increasing your sales, reach, and brand recognition.

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