Intel vs. AMD Which Is Better : Complete Guide

Hello there, tech geeks! We are here to resolve the never-ending war between AMD & Intel. Buckle up and get ready to explore this battleground, we are sure you’d be familiar with many new things at the end! Since their

What Is GPU Scaling – Everything You Need to Know

What Is GPU Scaling

GPU as we all know is the short form of a graphics processing unit. Every gamer strives for the highest viewing quality possible, which will improve their graphics and enhance their gameplay experience. Almost all are now feasible thanks to

2 Easy Methods To Install TWRP Recovery On Any Android Device

Install TWRP Recovery On Any Android Device

TWRP is an acronym that stands for Team Win Recovery Projects. It’s an open-source Android device recovery program. It enables users to take a full backup of their Android device, install modified ROMs, and run modded apps without causing damage

Curved VS Flat Monitor For Gaming | Deep-In-Depth Guide

Curved vs flat monitor

Curved monitors have grown in popularity among gamers and enthusiasts alike in recent years. As a result, many are asking, “What is the difference between curved and flat monitors for gaming?” For this reason alone, we felt it would be

How To Connect AirPods With Apple TV

How To Connect AirPods With Apple TV

Pairing the AirPods to an Apple ID is super simple. When you connect your AirPods to an iPhone or iPad, iCloud shares the connection with other connected devices. Your AirPods should immediately connect if you’re linked to a second device

Underclocking And Undervolting the GPU – Is it Safe?

Underclocking And Undervolting The GPU

We are pretty sure that you must have heard of something called as Underclocking and Undervolting. But what is it exactly? And is it even safe? So let’s talk ‘Underclocking and Undervolting the GPU – Is it Safe?’ Well for

Audio File Formats Explained : Complete Comparison

Audio File Formats Explained

There are now over 40 distinct audio file formats to select from, but what are the key differences and how do you know which is best for you? Near the close of the previous century, most of us first encountered