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Char-Broil Gas Grill Performance Pro S3 – versatile gas grill from the middle class

by D F

The Char-Broil Performance Pro S3 is a gas grill that the manufacturer attributes to the compact mid-range and that we have subjected to several tests. The grill was completely convincing in every grill run. weber smokey mountain 22 vs 18 in particular, the versatility of the char-broil gas grill is to be emphasized. For example, each of the three main burners can be ignited individually and independently, and each burner with different temperatures can be used. Thus, it is possible to grill with different temperature zones. The side burner, which is now standard on first-class grills, is also available.

Finished grilled food can be stored comfortably and warm on the warming grate with the warming bowl. Another plus is versatility: the scope of delivery of the device includes, among other things, a cast-iron grill plate with a smooth and fluted side. Here, even smaller grilled food can be gently cooked and variably prepared. It quickly becomes clear that comfort, versatility, and ease of use are the added value of the grill.

Another highlight of the Char-Broil Performance Pro S3: is the patented TRU Infrared™ grill system. According to the manufacturer, it distributes the heat of the three stainless steel burners on the grill in such a way that the grilled food should be up to 50 percent juicier compared to conventional grills. In addition, gas consumption is to be reduced by 30 percent.

Optimized burners for the Performance Pro S3: The manufacturer has optimized the burners of the TRU Infrared system in the new series of the Performance Pro. In the previous versions, the system could take minimally longer to develop its heat compared to a conventional gas grill. The optimization seems to have been very successful. As we were able to determine in our tests, the heat development took place directly and without delay.

The three main burners of the Char-Broil gas grill have a total output of 7.91 kilowatts. The grill surface of the Performance Pro S3 is 54.3 centimeters wide and 43.5 centimeters deep, so there are almost no limits to the next barbecue party with friends or the entire family, as there are enough dishes to prepare with each grilling process. While meat, sausages, and Co. sizzle on the grill, delicious side dishes such as fresh vegetables, desserts, or Spanish tapas can be prepared in a pan on the left side burner with its 3.22 kilowatts of power. The sharp frying of steaks is also possible.

On the right side shelf, in turn, sufficient workspace is available. In our multiple tests of the grill, we have prepared numerous different dishes. A special highlight: a classic, delicious Paella Valenciana, which could be prepared without difficulty in our Paellera (classic Spanish paella pan) on the Char-Broil Performance Pro S3.

Equally positive is the simple handling of the grill – in contrast to the construction. Because the construction of the gas grill can make one or the other inexperienced grill master despair since the assembly instructions are sometimes difficult to understand and clearly in need of improvement. However, the successful assembly is rewarded. The grill fan notices this already at the start of the grill, which simply succeeds at the push of a button with the SureFire ignition. The knobs of the Char-Broil Performance Pro S3 are equipped with red LEDs, whereby the lighting can be switched on and off as desired.

The grill itself is made of stainless steel, makes a very noble impression, and is weatherproof according to our previous experience – although the additional purchase of a cover for a gas grill is always recommended. In the base cabinet, the matching gas cylinder can be easily accommodated and attached behind the doors. By the way, the classic bottle opener has become obsolete at the next barbecue party, as there is an integrated bottle opener on the grill itself.

One focus of our test continued to be the point of cleaning, an important aspect for many barbecue enthusiasts. Cleaning the Char-Broil Performance Pro S3 is very easy in our experience. For this purpose, we sometimes carried out several grill courses in a row, and only after the last of the various grill courses did a cleaning of the grill and grill plates made – even then the thorough cleaning was a simple matter. The bottom line is that the grill was completely convincing.


Powerful side burner available

Indirect grilling is possible thanks to cooking thermometers

Large barbecue area

High-quality materials

Transport rollers can be determined

Base cabinet for storing the gas cylinder

Rotary knob with switchable LED lighting

Optimized TRU Infrared System

Useful extras such as an additional grill plate, warming grate with warming plate, or bottle opener


Assembly instructions in need of improvement

No cover included

Batteries for ignition and LED lighting are not included

No viewing window

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