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Classic vs Volume lashes, which one helps you earn more?

by TeamDF
Classic vs Volume lashes,

As a lash artist, you surely need to know the two most essential and popular types of eyelash extensions, which are classic vs volume lashes. But besides that, have you ever wondered which kind of eyelash extensions will help you make more money? Let us give you the most useful information about these two types of eyelash extensions as well as the answers to the above questions.

1. What do you need to know about classic eyelash extensions?


know about classic eyelash extensionsUnlike strip cluster lashes, which are attached to the skin of the eyelid, an extension is placed on one of your client’s natural lashes. One extension is affixed to each natural lash in a 1:1 ratio when applying classic lash extensions, a type of eyelash enhancement. Individual lashes or one-to-one lashes are other names for classic lash extensions.

The most traditional and well-liked eyelash style is the classic appearance since it produces natural-looking results, is light on the eye, and, when applied correctly, won’t harm your clients’ lashes. They come in various lengths, thicknesses, curl types, and different materials.

The lash technician will make your clients’ eyes ready for the procedure, who will then dip each of the classic eyelash extensions in the lash glue separately and attach them to your client’s natural lashes. Typically, the procedure takes 1.5 to 2 hours. In order to ensure that your clients’ lashes and the region around them are clean when they arrive for their appointment, you should advise them not to use makeup and to avoid waterproof mascara before the treatment. Additionally, they should avoid using oil-based items near their eyes.

2. What do you need to know about volume eyelash extensions?

know about volume eyelash extensions

So, before we learn about classic vs volume lashes, which one will help you earn more money, let’s take a look at some volume lashes information.

Russian artists Olga Debronravova and Irina Levchuck created Russian volume lashing, the original volume lash aesthetic. Russian volume is the practice of connecting three or more (up to five) individual eyelashes to a single natural lash, with each extension being 1-2 mm longer than the standard lash. Additionally, the lash line seems thicker and darker, as if eyeliner were being worn. Even if your client has naturally long lashes that may handle these greater lengths, we advise against going over 12 mm. This prevents the many extension-made fans from weighing down and damaging the natural lashes.

By adding multiple extensions to each natural lash, volume lashing enables your clients with more sparse natural lashes to achieve a more prominent appearance. To produce a set of lashes that are more textured but still full, volume extensions can be combined with classics. Volume lash clients typically have better retention than clients who wear classic lashes. This is because a fan’s numerous lashes wrap around the natural lash to increase the bonded surface area.

3. Classic vs Volume lashes, which one helps you earn more?

ashes, which one helps you earn more

If you are wondering about this question, our answer is volume lashes. So what are the reasons to explain this?

First, you may find that to complete a volume eyelash extension. You will need more lashes than a classic set, so investing more in volume eyelash extensions is better. It will also cost you more money. This is a good reason to increase the price of your volume extensions service higher than classic extensions.

In addition, as mentioned, volume lashes can last longer than classic lashes, which is one of the advantages of this type of eyelash extension that clients love. Therefore, they will be willing to pay you extra money to own the desired set of eyelashes.

However, by expanding the range of your services with volume lashes, you may further tailor each set to a specific client while increasing your fees for a time-consuming, thorough luxury lash service. This makes the volume a fantastic choice for long-term clientele who have largely gotten classic sets and are eager to improve their daily appearance!

To earn more money and at the same time save more, we recommend using high-quality eyelash extensions provided by reputable brands in the market, such as LLBA Professional – one of the top choices of countless lash artists and lash salons worldwide. Not only providing high-quality products at affordable prices, but LLBA is also appreciated for its highly dedicated customer service, which is why you should consider this brand for your work.

That is all for this sharing. If you have any questions about Classic vs Volume lashes, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below or contact us anytime.

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