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Controlling the hoverboard with a smartphone

by D F

Whether hoverboard from Samsung or hoverboard from Razor: If you have installed a hoverboard app on your smartphone, you can make various settings on your e-board. In an e-board test, this is considered particularly practical. Furthermore, you can listen to music from your mobile phone via a Bluetooth connection. For this purpose, the music is given to the outside via the speakers integrated into the hoverboard.


Skate hoverboards are not suitable for off-road use. The best way to ride a hoverboard is to use it directly on the road. Overall, a hoverboard can turn out to be a true all-rounder. In several tests for Hoverboards 2022, the many possibilities and advantages of this device have also been recognized.


Discover types of hoverboards


Hoverboards have only been built for a few years, but they can already be divided into different categories. Each form of hoverboard has its advantages and disadvantages. Below are the main types of hoverboards.



  • Has only one wheel
  • The rider stands on treads next to the bike


Two-wheel hoverboard

  • The classic type of hoverboard
  • Has two wheels
  • Available as a seated hoverboard


Hoverboard vs. Skateboard

A look at an e-board test shows: Whether a razor hoverboard or a Denver hoverboard, it can look confusingly similar to a modern skateboard. Therefore, it is often used in leisure time. However, both objects differ in the type of drive. The skateboard is powered by muscle power, while the hoverboard is powered by an electric motor. In addition, a skateboard cannot be connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth. Much more similar is a hoverboard to an electric skateboard.


If you have opted for a hoverboard, the Monowheel has advantages and disadvantages compared to the two-wheel Hoverboard:



  • Lighter and more compact
  • High speed



  • Requires more practice
  • Not suitable for off-road use

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