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Digital Inkjet Printer by Colorjet

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Inkjet Printer

The Colorjet Digital Inkjet Printer is a versatile device for home and business use, offering full color or monochrome prints. The printer uses two separate sets of ink for full-color and monochrome printing. Both sets provide a similar range of tones. However, changing between the two sets requires flushing the print head, and special software may be necessary to accommodate the different color mapping. Read on to find out more about the differences between these two ink sets and how you can best use your printer.

VastraJet K2

The VastraJet K2 digital ink jet printer from Colorjet is the premium model of the company’s VastraJet line. It uses Drop-on-Demand technology and a Piezoelectric print head to produce high-quality output on natural and synthetic fabrics. With its eight-drop size and modular design, the VastraJet K2 is perfect for industrial applications.

The new VastraJet K2 features the Purge Plus technology, which ensures constant ink circulation and uniform temperature across the print head. This means superior uniformity in colour and printing. The print head’s sharp design outlines are assured, and the printer’s ColorJet New Kiloton technology makes the print heads last longer. Osci plus rollers ensure smooth fabric feeding.

The ColorJet METRO digital inkjet fabric printer is an advanced, high-speed textile printer that supports a variety of fabrics and inks. It supports a large number of file formats, accepts a variety of inks, and has a variety of output options, making it an excellent choice for any small or home business looking to print high-quality textile products.

With a high-speed 3.2-metre-wide print head, the Colorjet VastraJet K2 has the fastest turnaround times in the industry. It delivers crisp images, vivid colours, and impressively detailed fabric display graphics. The printer also features an in-house R&D team and an advanced intelligent design and automation features. Its innovative features allow it to print high-quality prints without the use of expensive inks and to print on a wide range of materials, including synthetic textiles.

VastraJet K2 is an affordable, high-quality wide-format printer. It can print on various types of textiles and is compatible with various types of paper. It can handle print widths up to 1.8 metres. The color range of the VastraJet K2 is a diverse one, and you can get creative with this model as long as you have a solid budget.

The SubliXpress Plus digital inkjet printer by Colorjet features a 3.2-metre wide printhead and is ideal for textile industry applications. Its high production rate and active seaming technology makes it a versatile choice. With 32 Industrial Konica Minolta print heads, it prints high-quality fabric at a rate of 5000 square meters per day. You can also use it for other industries.

SoftJet Grand Colorjet

The SoftJet Grand Colourjet digital inkjet printer comes with an eight-colour variant that offers unparalleled colour performance. The printer is perfect for print service providers, and it goes above and beyond the expectations of colour-sensitive customers. It also plays an important role in the ColourJet eco-initiative, using environment-friendly aqueous based inks and optimised to print on polyester-based fabric rather than PVC.

This grand-format, 3.2m-wide ColorJet digital inkjet printer is suitable for a range of soft signage applications. These include banners, displays, flags, backdrops and outdoor advertisements. With a high-quality print resolution of 2800 dpi, this printer is also highly adaptable. The range of media compatibility includes rigid, flexible, PVC, flexible and backlit surfaces, and can even print on transparent media, such as acrylic.

The company’s latest printer models will be on display at SGI Dubai in October. The event is the largest in the MEASA region and is held in Sheikh Saeed Halls 1 and 3 of the Dubai World Trade Centre. Among the featured products are the SoftJet Plus, SoftJet Grand, Vastrajet and ColorJet Pro. Each of these devices offers a wide range of soft signage applications, including banners, wall decorations, signage, outdoor advertisements, parasols and more.

The SoftJet Grand Colorjet digital ink jet printer features innovative technologies that make it an excellent choice for soft signage production. It uses environmentally friendly ink and offers an outstanding finish. The printer’s patented V8 technology offers superlative print quality and smart memory utilization. It also features thermal design technology and a “Day Night” effect. It also features seven colours. This model has the added advantage of being able to print directly on fabric.

The company also offers an optional wide-format print option. Colorjet consumer inkjet printers feature photographic quality and great cost-effectiveness. Compared to traditional printers, these devices offer better performance and print quality than their predecessors. Colorjet technology also enables many consumers to achieve high-quality graphics faster. However, there are some drawbacks, and Colorjet customers should understand them before purchasing their new product.

VastraJet 2002

The Colorjet VastraJet 2002 is a high-end, digital textile printer. It is suitable for a range of different fabrics and is designed to increase productivity and open new business opportunities. This printer has an unmatched production speed of 4,000 metres per day, and features specially designed jetting controls. Its high resolution and low energy consumption make it a great choice for printing large-scale textile jobs.

The company’s proprietary AST and HSTR technologies ensure high-quality printing. This machine uses ColorJet original inks to ensure high-quality prints. The VastraJet 2002 digital inkjet printer by Colorjet boasts a high production capacity of 5000 square meters per day. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Mac OS X. This printer is ideal for any size business, from a small home office to a large, enterprise-scale operation.

VastraJet METRO

The VastraJet METRO digital ink jet printer by Colorjet is a high-speed, direct-to-fabric digital printing machine with a printing working width of 180 cm. With its wide print bed, it integrates easily into a process house. Its water-based inks produce brilliant prints on a variety of fabrics. Its industrial-grade jetting assembly and automatic washing system make it suitable for printing textiles up to 180 cm wide.

This high-volume textile printer, VastraJet METRO, uses 32 Konica Minolta print heads and offers a productivity of 5000 square meters per day. It also boasts low energy consumption and the most efficient belt washing system available. It is an ideal choice for fabric processing mills, apparel manufacturers, and leading textile groups. The VastraJet METRO digital inkjet printer by Colorjet has several impressive features and advantages.

The VASTRAJET structure is specifically designed to deliver high speed, precise dot placement, and high precision printing. Its high jetting frequency is matched with printhead performance, ensuring that the output is crisp and high-quality. Its 16-head VastraJet METRO digital inkjet printer by Colorjet has the capacity to produce 200 sq. m per hour. Moreover, the VastraJet METRO is preloaded with ColorJet edition of NeoStampa software.

The VastraJet METRO digital ink jet printer is a high-speed, versatile fabric printer with advanced color management tools. It is compatible with various fabrics and accepts all types of inks. In addition to fabric, it is compatible with a wide range of file formats and is ideal for home-based businesses. It is also very user-friendly and is a good choice for those on a budget.

The VastraJet METRO digital inkjet printer by Colorjet is an excellent high-speed direct-to-fabric inkjet printer. It offers high-speed direct-to-fabric printing on both synthetic and natural fabrics. The 3E design philosophy provides maximum capabilities and efficiency for its users. The printer also produces high-quality output with minimal ink consumption. It can print on natural and synthetic fabrics and can handle a large print width of 1.8 metres.

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