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DJI’s Mini Drone: A Reliable Choice for Aerial Photography?

by TeamDF

As a popular international drone manufacturer, DJI has launched all manners of drones, from large commercial drones to special drones with designated functions. Also included in their roster are mini drones that are friendly to the pockets and first-time users. DJI’s mini drone line has gained fanfare around the world, becoming a favourite among casual drone flyers and serious collectors. These are either downsized versions of bestseller drones like DJI Trello and DJI Mavic or a separate mini drone line with its own specs and unique traits.

If you have a keen interest in aerial photography and wonder if buying a DJI mini drone would meet your expectations, then read on.

Advantages of a Mini Drone

Mini drones are great for users who have only just started to fly drones. In terms of cost and ease of use, they may have an advantage over large-sized drones. People averse to carrying around bulky equipment would rather choose to fly a mini drone. It is lightweight and portable with components that are easy to repair or replace. 

In a nutshell, using a mini drone for your aerial photography offers the following advantages:

1) Saves space 

The small size means a backpack is enough for your mini camera drone. No need for a separate special bag that only adds bulk or consumes space. You can put it in your hand-carry luggage along with other stuff.

2) High resolution camera

DJI is well-known for manufacturing super HD camera drones like DJI Air 2S and DJI Mavic 3. Professional photographers and filmmakers invest in these high-end drone models as they are important to their line of work. Despite their size, mini drones from DJI pack a punch and showcase features that are great for beginners and aspiring aerial photographers.  

3) More mobility

Users living a fast-paced lifestyle, especially frequent travellers and adventure junkies, would find using mini drones more convenient to have around than regular commercial units. If you were to move about from place to place, you can safely stash small drones in a container inside your bag.

4) Price meets performance 

Drones tend to perform commensurate with their price. DJI’s mini drone models are a cut above the rest as price and performance go hand in hand. Sometimes, they offer more than what is expected of their price bracket.

The Best DJI Mini Drones 

DJI has a long list of drones, designed for every need and budget. Note, however, that regardless of size, all drones are subject to local and international drones laws and policies. Users are encouraged to be mindful of them and fly their drone with care.   

For your next mini drone purchase, consider these variants:

1) Mavic Mini

A great mini drone to have for amateur aerial photographers with some degree of experience. The Mavic Mini is better than drones of a similar size or capacity in terms of specs and value for money. Unlike the original version from which the mini model was patterned after, the Mavic Mini has simplified features and a portable design. Equipped with a 3-axis gimbal and a 2.7K quad HD video, it can capture 12MP photos and lets you fly at your own pace through intuitive tools and apps. 

2) DJI Mini SE

Another small drone that is worth considering is the Mini SE. It weighs around 259 grams and has a flight duration of 30 minutes. The drone records accurate locations thanks to a built-in vision sensor and GPS Precise Hover. Its recording and editing features have been simplified. This DIJI mini sports a 3-axis gimbal and a 2.7K camera. To increase flight safety and protect the propellers at the same time, install a 360° Propeller Guard.

3) DJI Mini 3 Pro

This model is one of the latest minis launched in the drone market. Much like the other minis, it stays under the 250 gram limit. The Mini 3 Pro is perfect for seasoned aerial photographers looking for high-performance drones sans the bulk. Critics hail this new mini drone model as the perfect balance between price, portability and camera quality. It has upgraded flight control features and a refined 1/1.3 inch gimballed sensor camera. You can also record videos in 4K, capture footage in full HD or use the slow-mo mode for more detailed shots.   

Where to Buy a Mini Drone

Now you are ready to take aerial photography seriously with a DJI mini drone. Go to your nearest tech store, approach an authorised retailer or shop online to find the best DJI mini drone for your needs. Ask advice from experienced drone flyers and read reviews before completing any transaction. Make sure the specs and features match your standards and preferences. 

Note: If your locality has strict drone flying laws or policies, pay attention and avoid violating them. Every drone must comply with existing legal provisions, so fly yours safely and legally.   

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