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Do’s And Don’ts of Pressure Washing In Winter- Tips

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Pressure washing in the winter

No matter what the circumstances, you cannot ignore the power and importance of pressure washing. Pressure washing your home, swimming pool, etc is the best way to get rid of stains, mildew, and mould on your home’s deck, siding, driveway, and fencing. A fresh look after pressure washing is happy and feeling pride in your home and is a way to contribute to your environment.

But what about pressure washing in winter? If not done properly, pressure washing in winter can have some great consequences. What consequences? Here in this article, we will look into deep about the dos and don’ts of pressure washing in winter.

Is It Possible to Pressure Wash In Winter?

Yes, it is possible to pressure wash in winter. Pressure washing relies upon water to clean all the stains and dirt. If you live in a warmer winter area, then you don’t need to worry about pressure washing your home. But on the other hand, if you live where the temperature goes down to a negative then you may consider pressure washing as an option.

 The Do’s and Don’ts of Pressure Washing in Winter

By reading the following do’s and don’ts you can minimize wintertime damages significantly.

Don’t: Forget Safety Yourself

It is your first responsibility to cover yourself properly in winter because you are going to do pressure washing from any harm.  In areas with freezing temperatures, there you can face hypothermia (a medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, causing a dangerously low body temperature) as a serious threat. So to avoid hypothermia, cover yourself thoroughly. Use glasses, gloves, hats, rubber boots or spiked footwear.

Do: Use Hot Water

In winter, water in the pipes freezes due to severe cool temperatures. You can combat those frozen pipes and surfaces by using hotter water. A temperature between 180 and 200 degrees would be enough so that evaporation speed will minimize the icing.

Don’t: Forget to Check Your Fittings

It is important to turn off outdoor water sources during winter maintenance because they can freeze during this period. As pressure washing uses water to clean, you must have access to fittings located inside.

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Do: Pressure Wash Out in the Sun

Make sure to pressure wash your pipes out in the sun. This way, ice will not form in your house pipes. Pressure washing in the afternoon when the sun is at its peak.

Don’t: Forget to Account for Chemicals Imbalances

In the winter, chemicals aren’t as effective as at other times of the year. Due to the effects of cold weather on chemicals, you need to plan. You may need to use more chemicals than you normally would.

As well as protecting your cleaning chemicals from cold temperatures, you should also store them in cool places. You should remember that liquid chemicals can separate if they are allowed to freeze. You can prevent this by storing them in a warm and dry place in the house.

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Do: De-ice

Regardless of the season, runoff water must be disposed of when pressure washing. The water could quickly turn into ice if it makes its way to your driveway or sidewalk.

It is best to de-ice your surfaces before pressure washing to ensure everyone’s safety. By applying salt, sand, calcium chloride, or magnesium chloride to the surface area, you can accomplish this.

Do: Protect Your Pressure Washing Machine

It is also important to keep the pressure washer in a warm and dry place. Protecting your pressure washer in a warm and dry area can keep the fittings and lines. Both will save your money and time.

Now, the question is what is the best time to pressure wash is the real question. If you are insisting on doing your pressure washing in winter, then make sure not to let the temperature be below 40 degrees.

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If the temperature is too low, your pressure washer may be damaged, you might be at risk, and your surfaces may freeze. You should, therefore, wait until the afternoon when pressure washing your house during colder months.

Some areas do not experience freezing temperatures, however. Even in the winter, you can pressure wash your house without worry if you live in a warmer part of the country.

Winter is not the same everywhere.

I hope these do’s and don’ts of pressure washing in winter will satisfy.

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