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It is never easy to move to a new place. And if one is moving with a family, the considerations multiply. Yet, people move more and more these days in search of better job opportunities or lifestyles. Bellandur has become a popular spot for people moving to new places, and that’s why its flats are growing more and more popular. However, with so many options available, it may not always be possible to get a flat for rent in Bellandur and there are a number of factors to be considered – from distance from one’s working place to that to children’s schools, from the quality of locality to quality of washrooms, etc. The decision regarding one’s place of stay should never be taken lightly, as one will have to live with one’s decision for a long time afterward. However, this is where this article can help one.


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To make the decision of finding a flat easy, the following tips are recommended :

  • One should consider the locality before getting a flat.

The first and one of the most important tips is that one should consider the locality of the flat. Most people want to get a flat too far away from the place of work or, in the case of students, their college, but it is crucial that the locality in question must be desirable. The presence of amenities like a hospital and market nearby make a flat more attractive. The locality is also important as one must know what kind of neighbors one will have – whether they will be a good society for one’s children etc. Another valuable consideration about locality is whether one can easily find cooks or other servants in the area.

  • One should consider the security perspective.

The choice of locality is also critical from a security point of view – particularly if girls or kids are expected to live in a flat. Viman Nagar in Pune is an example of a very secure locality with all the desirable facilities. Many high societies have their own set of rules regarding various security concerns. One should make sure that these security-related rules will suit one’s needs rather than hinder one’s lifestyle while looking for a flat.

  • One should consider the size of the flat.

An important consideration while getting a flat is its size – the number of rooms, the size of the flat, etc. Too few rooms can be a big issue, but too many rooms can be too much maintenance and unnecessarily expensive. 

  • One should consider the bathroom facility connected with a flat.

When getting a flat, it is important to give due consideration to bathrooms – whether they are furnished or not? Whether they have a shower or not? Whether Is there a space for a bathtub? And for a washing machine? Things like the quality of the sink and the presence of a medical cabinet should also be considered.

  • Rooms should be spacious and ventilated.

It is important to note that rooms should look spacious even after a bed set has been placed in it. One should look for a well-ventilated flat. Another consideration is whether there are charging sockets available close to one’s headspace. Such minor considerations can make one’s life really easy. One should also check whether there are points for fans, A/Cs, and desert cooler.

  • One should consider the kind of furnishings while getting a flat.

Another crucial consideration while getting a flat in Bellandur is furnishings. One expects a certain level of furnishings – kitchen shelves, sinks, electric fittings, etc. It is important to ensure that these are availed. Cupboards, mirrors, and medicine cabinets may also be looked for.

  • One should consider the rent of a flat only in light of amenities availed.

Naturally, rent is always going to be a significant consideration when getting a flat. However, it is imperative that the reader must consider it only in light of the various amenities availed. They must also check their own budget and should only look for an apartment within that budget only.

  • One should consider the terms of the contract carefully.

The last but not least important tip is that one should check the terms of contact. It is important to understand what is included in the rent – whether there are to be separate charges for water, electricity, maintenance, etc. Often the basic rent doesn’t include these expenses, but they add up to the cost of living in the particular apartment. One must also verify for any hidden charges, documentation expenses, etc.

The Bottom Line

One can easily wrap up the above discussion by concluding with hopes that the above discussion will help people choose a good flat for them. The reader may also be interested in some excellent serviced apartments Bellandur while they are looking for accommodation there.

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