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Everything About Liver Transplants: Reason, Cost, & Eligibility

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The liver is among the most essential internal organs of the human body. It detoxifies metabolites, synthesizes proteins, and produces biochemicals required for digestion. This organ is also responsible for many other activities, such as controlling glycogen storage, decomposing Red Blood Cells, and manufacturing hormones.

If the liver fails to operate. a short-term option is to undergo liver dialysis to restore normal function. Though scientists are working to produce artificial livers that can operate like real livers, there is currently no long-term cure or solution to this disease. The sole option that can completely fix a liver failure is a liver transplant. Thus, one should be aware of the liver transplant costs in India.

What are the Most Common Reasons for a Liver Transplant?

Patients suffering from cirrhosis of the liver have no other long-term option than to undergo liver transplantation. The following are the most prevalent reasons for seeking a liver transplant:

  • Last stage Cirrhosis caused by alcoholic cirrhosis, primary biliary sclerosis, chronic hepatitis, or hemochromatosis.
  • Genetic liver conditions.
  • Liver cancers like primary hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, hepatic adenoma, and primary hepatocellular malignancy.
  • Fulminant hepatic failure induced by thrombosis or Fulminant viral hepatitis.

Who Qualifies for a Liver Transplant?

Patients suffering from irreversible, acute, and chronic liver diseases are eligible for liver transplant surgery. Based on the patient’s medical history, doctors can determine if they are physically fit for undergoing the procedure.

Generally, patients need to go through a diagnostic process, and depending on the findings of the tests and the doctor’s advice, it is established whether or not the patient is a candidate for liver transplantation. Aside from physical health, the emotional and financial well-being of the patient should also be considered.

Liver Transplant Cost in India

The average liver transplant cost in India is upto 30 Lakh. Compared to the price of the same care and treatment in developed , this cost is much lower.

The cost of liver transplant may vary by 5% based on numerous aspects such as the kind of liver transplant operation, the hospital, medical reports, the patient’s overall health status, and treatment length, including pre-treatment, treatment, and post-treatment conditions. As the actual treatment cost varies based on various circumstances, patients or their caretakers should review the liver transplant cost well before the procedure.

When considering the cost of a liver transplant in the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Thailand, or Singapore, the price in India is a fraction of the cost in these nations. However, there is no difference in infrastructure, medical staff, quality of care, facilities at the hospitals, surgeon’s skill, or success rates. It is why India is the most popular location for people seeking a low-cost liver transplant procedure.

Whenever it comes to liver transplant procedures, India’s low-cost therapy has become a global standard. Expert liver transplant surgeons in India are acknowledged for their established track record of success while adhering to worldwide standards of clinical services at an affordable cost.

Reasons Why Cost of Liver Transplant is better in India Vs Other Developed Countries

  • Currency: When compared to other nations’ currencies (USD, Pound, Euros, etc.), the biggest difference in cost is due to the lower value of the Indian rupee. As a result, liver transplants in India are now more affordable. Overall charges are lower here, from the doctor’s consultation and therapy to the hospital stay.
  • Living Conditions: The cost of living in India is lower than in nations such as the United Kingdom and the United States. As a result, commodities such as food, transportation, healthcare treatments, and lodging are fairly affordable.
  • Doctors: India has highly skilled, certified, and experienced liver transplant surgeons who work at the country’s most famous medical institutions. Physicians in this country charge far less than doctors in many other developed nations. As a result, it provides another reason to select liver transplants in India since it is less expensive.
  • Competition: In India, various recognized and known hospitals adhere to worldwide standards for healthcare treatments and services. As patients have a wide selection of hospitals, they can freely choose from where to get treatment based on budget and needs. Furthermore, hospitals have a propensity to provide aggressive pricing which in turn benefits the patient. 
  • Hospitals: In India, both government and private hospitals provide world-class medical services. Besides, government institutions offer subsidized liver transplant therapy. As a result, this adds to one of the causes of the varied pricing ranges.


A liver transplant is a costly procedure all over the world. However, compared to other nations, the liver transplant cost in India is far lower. In fact, it is only a quarter of what it costs in other nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom. But affordability does not imply a compromise on the quality of treatment.

The liver transplant surgeons in India have the knowledge and experience to carry out liver transplants with excellent success rates. In addition, the technology deployed is cutting-edge, just like in any other developed country. Thus, it is the most convincing argument to choose liver transplantation in India.

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