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Factors to Consider When Selecting Translation Services

by TeamDF
Factors to Consider When Selecting Translation Services

With the rapid development of technology and accelerated globalization, www.jits.co.id  many companies are faced with the challenge of translating their products and services for users worldwide.

Translation and localization are a vital component of the globalization process. But with a multitude of options out there for businesses to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.


Translation accuracy is a crucial part of any successful business. Whether it’s a product or service, a website or training materials, it is important that it is correctly conveyed in another language.

The success of a company and its employees depends on this accuracy, as well as the lives of people who may use the translated document or product. Medical, legal and technical translations are particularly susceptible to errors.

A single mistake could mean a loss of income or damage to the brand’s reputation. It could also lead to misdiagnosis or wrongful treatment of patients and the cancellation of patent applications.

Accuracy is the most critical part of any project, and this should be a priority for companies that want to succeed in international markets. It also keeps clients loyal and satisfied with your work.


Turnaround time is an important factor to consider when planning your translation project. It is based on several factors, including the number of words and complexity of the source and target documents.

A professional translator can get through around 2,500-3,000 words per day, depending on the content and difficulty of the text. However, if the document is very complicated, has many idiosyncratic terminology or requires extensive research to find equivalence, productivity may be much lower.

Another factor that can affect turnaround time is the formatting of the original source and final document. The translation company must prepare the source document in the desired format, which can take some time.

Lastly, typesetting and proofing can also add to the translation process. A desktop publisher, whose job is to format the translated text into the desired style and layout, can add anywhere from two days to two weeks to the average time frame.


The cost of translation services can vary based on the volume and complexity of the text being translated. This makes it difficult to determine an accurate cost for a project without knowing the exact scope of the work.

However, there are seven main factors that a service provider uses to determine the cost of translation:

Cost Factor #1: Language The cost of translation services also varies based on the language being translated. Typically, the more widely spoken languages are cheaper to translate than less-popular languages.

Similarly, some rare or difficult languages are harder to find translators for, so they may charge a higher rate for that specialized expertise. This can be especially true for languages that aren’t widely spoken or available through machine translation.


When selecting translation services, it’s important to know the quality standards they adhere to. These include data security requirements, as well as the processes and resources they use to deliver high-quality translations.

While quality is a difficult concept to define, it’s a critical aspect of any business. Especially in the case of sensitive data, it’s important to find a business that has the right systems and processes in place to ensure confidentiality and data integrity.

To ensure the highest level of translation quality, language services providers often use quality assurance models like LISA or TAUS. These can help to assess and highlight issues in a text’s translation, such as terminology, grammar, or style errors.

Ultimately, the quality of a translation is a combination of many factors, including a skilled team, well-oiled workflows, and tools that support strong quality control. This is why it’s important to choose a business that has a well-established process and professional experts in place.

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