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Fuxtec FX-LB126 – powerful petrol leaf blower with two blowpipes

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This versatile model comes in high-quality equipment and convinces with its functionality. The leaf blower from Fuxtec enjoys an excellent reputation among users and is largely rated positively.


Successfully eliminate garden waste – regardless of the substrate


At a strong speed of 255 km/h, even wet leaves, lawn clippings, and other garden waste are mobilized. This blowing speed is a good average and is sufficient for most gardening.



A special feature of this leaf blower is two differently shaped blowpipes, whereby the curved pipe is designed for work on soft ground and the straight pipe for a solid surface such as asphalted or paved garden paths and gravel beds.


On request, the Fuxtec FX-LB126 leaf blower can be converted into a leaf vacuum cleaner, but additional accessories such as a collection bag and a suction pipe must be purchased separately. The model weighs 5.6 kg – it’s still fine for a petrol engine. With 112 dB(A) this leaf blower is quite loud, without ear protection the device must not be operated under any circumstances.


Our conclusion

The Fuxtec FX-LB126 leaf blower is the right solution wherever there is no power grid available. This blower is suitable for larger plots and even masters high amounts of leaves with flying colors.



  • Petrol operation (unlimited range of motion)
  • Curved blowpipe included (optimized blowing behavior for lawns)
  • Available with suction and chopping function



  • Petrol operation (limited runtime)
  • Heavy (4.6 kilograms)
  • Loud (112 decibels)
  • No information on the term
  • No information on blowing performance



What kind of engine does the FX LB126 leaf blower from Fuxtec have?

The leaf blower has a two-stroke engine. This type of engine is considered reliable and is known for its long service life.


Is special gasoline required for the leaf blower?

No, according to the manufacturer, the Fuxtec FX-LB126 can be operated with conventional gasoline.


What mixing ratio should the gasoline-oil mixture have?

For good engine running, the manufacturer recommends a mixing ratio of one part oil to 40 parts fuel.


Is a carrying strap included?

No, a carrying strap is not included in the scope of delivery but can be purchased later according to the provider.


Is it necessary to wear hearing protection while using the leaf blower?

On the part of the manufacturer, the wearing of hearing protection is recommended.


reference: ryobi sander pads

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