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Guide To Apple App Icons: Importance, Tips, and Requirements

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You go to the app store and write some keywords in the search bar, the app store loads your desired results, and then those results appear in front of you. Now you have to choose to download your desired app. What is the first you will see while selecting the desired app to download? According to experts, many users see the icon before going to their specifications, description, or mega bites it needs to get downloaded. 

Because it is a fact many brain experts explain that the human brain can process and retain visually more than the text, it’s the app’s icon that makes it unique. Icon communicates the purpose of the app to users. People can recognize your app among many due to your icon. An app with a beautiful app icon plays an important part in the user’s good experience on all platforms of Apple. 

Importance of Apple App Icons

About 5 million apps and about 2.2M are in the Apple store. This number is not decreasing; it is growing more and more daily. This growing rate of apps in every niche on the Apple App Store makes it a tough competition and every exciting and new coming app is fighting to get popularity and space. 

The question is, how to make your app a strong candidate in this competition? Experts give many answers to this question. But the first answer to this is the icon of the app. Because it builds the first impression of the app. Potential customers first deeply observe the app icon. The chances of the conversion increase up to an exponential rate if the app icon is well-optimized and designed well.  

Boost the Visibility and Ranking

The app icon is not just representative of your brand but also plays an important role in Apple App Optimization. A well-designed app icon majorly contributes to attracting many visitors and also compels them to install or download your app. And it is an obvious indication to the app stores markets that your app is received well by the audience and, ultimately, your app ranking. 

Requirements for Apple App Icons  

Not just the deep thoughts behind the app icon matter; there are some of the requirements posed by the Apple App Store that an Apple App Icon has to fulfill. The following are the requirements for Apple App Icon:

  • App Icon Size 

Each and every app should have a large app icon for the App Store and a small one for the home screen. Different Apple devices are supposed to have different App Store Icon pixel recommendations. Because different devices have different resolutions. For example; 

  • The pixels of the Apple App icon should be 250*250px for App Store. 
  • For iPhone should be 180*180px or 120*120px
  • 167*167px for iPad pro and 152*152px for iPad or iPad mini 
  • Small App Icon size 

Apple App Store demands or requires a small size of your Apple App icon. The purpose of this small-size icon requirement is because this icon is used in the spotlight section or to be used in the setting menu. 

Attributes of Apple App Icon

There are different specifications to which all app icon should adhere:

  • Its format should be PNG
  • Resolution should be variable
  • The shape of the icon should be squared, and its corners should not be rounded 
  • Its color should be P3 or sRGB

Tips to Make a Perfect Apple App Icon

The main target of an app developer is to have a great reach and a large number of downloads. According to studies, the average studies average smartphone user has about 41 apps on his phone. If you want your app to be one of these apps, then its icon should be eye-capturing, aesthetic, communicate your app idea, and be irresistible. To make your icon like this, some of the tips have given below:

  • Use a sharp and unique shape. 

Now when you are making and going to introduce your app in the Apple App Store against dozens of the same type of apps so, it is the need of the hour that you build an icon with a unique shape that should be able to stop the browsing hand and to click your app. All the well-popular apps have a unique and eye-capturing icons. Try your best to develop such an icon for your app.

  • It should be simple.

Life is very busy nowadays. No one has time to stop to observe for a long time to understand your icon’s meaning. So, don’t put a lot of colors or complex images in your app icon. Just keep it as simple as possible so that it is recognizable every time a person sees it.

  •  Don’t use words in your icon.

The name of your app is always given down to your icon in the app store and home screen. So, please don’t use words inside the icon until it is essential. 

  • Use an eye-soothing color combination.

Colors have their language. They speak a lot, so use them wisely according to the theme of your app, and it will tell a lot about your idea behind this app. 

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