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How do you set up a wireless tattoo machine?

by D F
Best Wireless Tattoo Machine

So far, I’m talking about a lot of tattoo machines. But now it’s different because now I’m just going to focus on wireless tattoo machines. Why?

The reason is none other than you, tattoo artist. Most of you have to travel regularly for work. Of course, when you buy a machine, you first set the speed. And thanks to the wireless tattoo machine, it is more portable and user-friendly. Read for more information Best Wireless Tattoo Machine

This led us to the idea of ​​making the most advanced wireless tattoo machines. I will review tattoo machines. If you know all this, you can decide who to buy. There are many reviews. So this will be a long read. But it can also be one of your best readings, guaranteed!

The best reviews of wireless tattoo machines

I have selected the 13 best wireless tattoo machines for you. But you may be wondering why I chose them. Now the most important ethics are performance, quality, and price. How the product is user friendly, whether it has a high-quality engine or not, whether it is durable, what is part of the tattoo pen set, what type of tattoo should you buy, which tattoo machine – these are all topics (and more) will be in the following discussions.

I will also pick up other points and shortcomings that you should know in advance. I will also analyze the technical terms to help you better understand.

Mast Archer – The best wireless tattoo machine with a rotating pen

The Archer battery is great. It has a battery capacity of 8 hours without any signs of problems. Even more attractive is that you only need a few hours to fully charge.

Transmission system

The device has a front transmission system that will give you quiet, smooth, and smooth running.


You will enjoy his performance. This gradually transfers the ink to the skin and creates sharp lines and shadows. In addition, it will suit any skin type. Power range and LCD screen

The operating voltage of the pin starts from 5V. The highest operating voltage is 12V with very few tattoo machines on the market. You can try all tattoo work in such tension.

In addition, the pen has an LCD where you can watch it read and change voltage. That’s a big extra point for Archer. Spare handles, needle strokes, and stroke heights

There are two interchangeable handles that you can autoclave. The needle depth can be adjusted according to the Mast Tour inscription. And the drill is the same – turn the handle.

Mast Tour – The best wireless rotary pen machine with a battery

Even if you’re just a fan, I’m sure you’ve heard of Dragonhawk. You can find the name everywhere related to tattoos. This is because these products make them world-class. Mast Tour Pen is one of them. It has a mast pen and a wireless mast battery. How to start?


The Mast Tour pen battery is so powerful. This helps the wireless tattoo machine stay in balance. They will provide you with at least 3 hours of non-stop service. Charging to 100% from 0% takes only 3 hours. You can get it with a cable for charging purposes.

The size of the handle is 25 mm, which most artists have to adjust. There is also a power button at the top. Allows you to view the remaining battery charge.


The motor of the wireless tattoo machine says a lot about that. The Mast Tour has a Japanese coreless engine. It is quiet and will serve at least 3,000 hours. It’s not hot. It also doesn’t cause you any headaches with tremors. You can work on it comfortably.


The pen can make straight lines. Although it is a very good shade of gray and black, it also shakes the color cover. It can wrap colors faster. In this way, it ensures a less painful experience and better quality.

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