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How long will it take to upload a file?

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How long will it take to upload a file?

It often happens that you are asked to submit your assignment on the given deadline but due to certain reasons, you are unable to submit the required file because your internet connection died or lost the signal strength is required to be uploaded to a server. In many cases, the document you need to send to your boss for evaluation or for an important meeting with a client takes a lot of time to be uploaded to the server, hence causing you a lot of trouble and embarrassment. These issues are common and arise frequently when your internet connection is weak and cannot take the load and internet data it requires to upload a file to a server. Tele internet deals is a well-reputed company in the USA that provides the best tv internet deals.

File Upload

Before going into the details like you can get the best internet and tv bundles from Tele internet deals. So, how to upload a file or how long it takes to upload a file, it is vital that we discuss what is meant by the phenomenon of file upload. One must know what uploading a file actually means. So according to the proper definition of uploading a file, it can be said that the process of transferring your data, files or documents on an online platform, server or website is termed as file upload. In other words, you can say that when a user transfers some file or document from their local computer to an online service, then the process can be called as uploading a file. In the real-life scenarios, submitting an assignment on a university course portal, uploading relevant documents while applying for a job or sending a file as an attachment in an email can be considered as an example for file uploading.

If we talk in technical terms, the transportation of a file from a relatively smaller computer to a relatively larger system is termed as uploading. This can be depicted as the file is being transmitted to a computer that is compatible to accept it. On the other hand, sending a file in the reverse direction is termed as downloading. In other terms, if a file is sent from a smaller computer to a larger computer, it will be called uploading and if a file is transferred from a larger computer to a smaller system, it will be termed as downloading.

These files are transmitted usually through a protocol named file transfer protocol or FTP. The FTP is an online service that serves the purpose of transmitting the files to and from the computer systems. In other words, FTP is responsible for the processes of uploading and downloading the files. This procedure generally works with the permissions from the websites being accessed in order to upload or download a file or document.

How to upload a file?

There are usually many ways to upload a file on a server or website and we will be discussing them briefly. But the most common method of file upload is the drag and drop method. All of these are discussed as under.

Drag & drop is the most commonly used method when it comes to uploading a file. This approach of uploading a file works by dragging the file from the source location to the file upload box in the destination directory.

Browse files option lets you upload files by locating the files from your device and then uploading them. The user clicks the browse file button which opens up the file explorer of the device. This method then lets you locate the file of your choice from the source folder and select it. The select option uploads the file in the destination directory.

Moreover, the type of files is not only limited to the files. The uploading function is also compatible with the folders, Zip files, and multiple files, folders and zip archives. If you want to upload a lot of files from a single folder, it can also be achieved using the above-mentioned methods. Also, the zip archives or zipped folders can also be uploaded be it single or multiple.  

Time required to upload a file

After all the understanding of the file uploading process and other related information, we must know how long it takes to upload a file to the server or a website online. The mechanism of file upload actually depends upon your internet connection as the upload procedure has to take place online. For this scenario, your internet connection plays a very vital role as its upload speed is the sole feature on which your file uploads. Moreover, the kind of a modem you are using for your internet connection is also a major actor when it comes to uploading a file. In this regard, the modems of type ADSL2 provide higher speed in comparison with the ADSL type modem. Furthermore, in case of mobile, ADSL type modem is lesser in speed as compared to 4G mobile.

Before we go into specifics, we must take note of the data conversion metrics of our better understanding.

  •         1 Kilobyte (KB) = 8 Kilobit (Kb)
  •         1 Megabyte (MB) = 8 Megabit (Mb)
  •         1 Gigabyte (GB) = 8 Gigabit (Gb)

We can say that 1GB, 1024 MB, and 1,048,576 KB are all the same sizes.  

Now that we have gathered this information, it’s time to dive into calculations and mathematics. Let’s say, your internet connection has a speed of 1Mbps, then the expected upload speed should be 128 KBps. So, if we are uploading a video file of a size 1GB, it must take around a hundred and thirty-six minutes to upload. Following calculations are made to achieve this result:

  •         1048576 divided by 128 = 8192 seconds or 136 minutes  

Similarly, in the case of an internet speed of 2 Mbps, the upload time of a 1GB file can be of maximum 68 minutes. This result is obtained by performing the following calculations.

  •         1048576 divided by 256 = 4096 seconds or 58 minutes

In the same context, if we have an internet connection with a speed of 100Mbps, the time to upload a 1GB file will be around 1.5 minutes through the following calculation.

  •         1048576 divided by 12800 = 82 seconds or 1.5 minutes

Therefore, we have deduced that the higher the speed of your internet connection, the lesser time a file would take to be uploaded to any online server or website, and for more information visit dream tech news


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