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How To Add A Firewall Protection On Android Smartphone

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How To Add A Firewall Protection On Android Smartphone

Luckily, a firewall is an ultimate protection against malicious devices, preventing all types of suspicious data. A functional firewall keeps an eye on your network’s security and acts as a last line of defense for your device. When it comes to Android, it seems to be an unsecured platform with no practical protection against external attacks. However, apps like NoRoot Firewall make it easy to set up a built-in firewall on your mobile.

It is essential to install a solid firewall on your Android smartphone to protect its general health. But how? Considering Android doesn’t provide integrated firewall protection, how do we install one on our phones? Not to worry; we’ve compiled a list of the top Android firewalls for you to select from. So, in this post, we’ll show you how to set up and utilize a firewall on your Android phone using a free and easy app.

How To Install A Firewall On Any Android Device

To begin, since Android lacks built-in firewall protection, the only option is to utilize a third-party application. NoRoot Firewall takes care of everything. It does not need root access, is dependable, and has several unique characteristics that make it the ideal match for this task.


NoRoot firewall provides a plethora of configuration options for advanced users to customize their firewall settings. You may want to test with a few of the choices.

Custom App Filters: You may configure distinct IP and port codes for each app that has to set a firewall connection. This is perfect for games or other apps that use a lot of data.

Ability to export preferences: When switching devices, you can effortlessly export your firewall settings and import them into your new devices.

Connection Logs: These are great for techies who need to keep a record of their connections.

Protecting your Android with NoRoot Firewall

The NoRoot Firewall is simple to set up and configure on your smartphone. The app provides strong protection without requiring root access. To install NoRoot Firewall on your device, follow these steps:

Firewall NoRoot 1

Firewall NoRoot 1

  • After the installation is complete, open the app.
  • To begin, press the ‘Start button.

open the app

Firewall NoRoot 2

To authorize the connection, click ‘OK’ from the pop-up menu.

Firewall NoRoot 3

On the top, select the ‘Pending Access’ option.

Firewall NoRoot 3

Firewall NoRoot 4

  • It will provide a list of apps that need an internet connection.
  • Allow or disallow each app according to your preferences.

That’s all there is to it. NoRoot Firewall is now installed and working on your Android device.

NoRoot Firewall features-

The NoRoot Firewall app is the ideal method of keeping your Android device safe and secure. As a Firewall Protection app, it has the following wonderful features:

  1. It doesn’t need root access and works flawlessly, even with the most recent Android upgrade.
  2. Instant access control using IP addresses, hostnames, and domain names
  3. Outgoing and incoming network connections are managed.
  4. The interface that is easy to use
  5. Requires only the most basic permissions.
  6. Allows each app to have global filters.
  7. Allows you to restrict a certain IP/Port for all or a group of installed apps.

Even though the app’s capabilities seem to be rather appealing, keep in mind that NoRoot Firewall doesn’t operate on LTE Android handsets since it does not yet support IPv6. This functionality may also be included in future versions of the service. However, as of today, it delivers a really strong and powerful solution.

Furthermore, the application is small and takes up minimal space on the phone (size varies with device). On Google Play, it has a 4.2 rating. One of the app’s amazing features is that it has over 5,000,000+ installations and receives frequent upgrades.


That concludes the process of adding a personal Firewall to your Android smartphone. When it comes to a trustworthy firewall for Android, NoRoot Firewall Protection is among the greatest options. It is easy to install and prevents your personal information from being exposed on the internet, as well as acts somewhat as a guard for your phone. Beyond everything, many people trust this application, and it is one of our favorite ones. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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