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How to Choose a Gaming Laptop? Guide for Hungarian Gamers

by D F

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies for Hungarian youngsters. No wonder, there are a lot of people who want to purchase gaming laptops and this could be a tough decision to make.

Unlike laptops for office work, gaming models always feature the most powerful components. Such laptops have usually limited mobility, have a high price tag and run on battery for a short time. As a rule, gaming laptops have a balanced configuration: i.e. if the laptop has the most powerful processor, then one of the top-end video cards will be installed, and sometimes more than one.

We will not dig deep into the theory, and will immediately indicate the necessary characteristics for selection that will be interesting for Hungarian gamers.


Modern gaming models are equipped with high-resolution matrices (FullHD and higher), sometimes with a 3D function. Choose IPS screens with high colour quality. You will be able to also play online slots in Hungary with 22Bet with the help of such display and other demanding games.

You don’t have to worry about the set of interfaces. Powerful laptop models are equipped with a complete set including USB 3.0; eSATA; ExpressCard; HDMI, etc. The keyboard in Gaming laptops is usually backlit. Also, top models have an aluminium case, a colourful design and a rich package bundle (gaming mouse, backpack, etc.)


For games, powerful processors from Intel i5/i7 (6200U and newer) are suitable. You can also consider processors from AMD. With equal power, the solution from AMD will be cheaper, but for reliability, we recommend choosing processors from Intel.

Video Card

There are also 2 manufacturers of video cards ATI Radeon and Nvidia GeForce. Also, with equal power, Nvidia is more expensive. Look for GeForce models with the letters GTX and Radeon with values ​​R7 and newer.

RAM and Hard Disk

RAM for a gaming laptop should be at least 16Gb. A hard drive is a place to save your information and the more the better (from 500Gb). Also, modern gaming laptops are equipped with a high-speed solid-state drive – SSD, sometimes in tandem with a conventional HDD, and sometimes two SSDs are installed, but the price, in this case, will differ significantly upwards.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best gaming laptop can be a quite difficult task to do, considering that the technology develops rapidly. However paying attention to the characteristics mentioned above, you will certainly find a good one for launching top games.

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