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How To Choose A Monitor For Graphic Design in 2022?

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How To Choose A Monitor For Graphic Design

As a graphics designer, it is extremely important that you choose the perfect monitor. A monitor that can offer you accurate colors and should be suitable to look at for long hours. But it’s true that the market has a lot of monitors to offer for graphics designing. And choosing among them is always a tedious task. So the question is, how to choose a monitor for graphic design?

To help you out with this question, I will share a few points in this article that will surely help you pick the right monitor for your graphics designing needs.

So here we go:

How To Choose A Monitor For Graphic Design?

1. Choose a High Quality Panel

what size monitor for graphic design

It is extremely important that you choose a high quality panel for your monitor. As the panel determines how good your monitor will perform. Also, there are different types of panels available in the market. Such as:

TN Panels:

TN stands for Twisted Nematic, and they are the cheapest ones in the market. Monitor with TN panel comes with an affordable price tag. Also, they do have a faster response time. But as a designer, you won’t really like a monitor with TN panel. As the colors and viewing angles on a TN panel isn’t really good.

VA Panels:

VA stands for Vertical Alignment, and they are a midrange choice. Although, they are not really popular, and monitors with VA panels are only priced a bit higher than the TN panels. Also, performance wise, they are not really good. So I would again recommend you avoid monitors with VA panels for graphics designing.

IPS Monitors:

IPS stands for In-Pane switching, and they are the best choice for graphics designing. IPS monitors are a bit expensive compared to the VA panels. But they do offer you pretty good performance with accurate color output. Also, they offer you great viewing angles, and overall, it satisfies your designing needs. Plus, if you are looking for IPS monitors for cheap, then check out the list of best IPS monitor under 200 dollars.

Super IPS Panels:

Lastly, there is the Super IPS panel. This one is the newest technology for monitor panels. Super IPS panels are good for offering faster response time and better color rendition while still being pretty affordable. But as of now, there are not too many options are available for a monitor with super IPS panels.

2. Screen Size

The second factor that you should consider is the screen size. You want a monitor that let’s you view everything pretty clearly and doesn’t go off from your view. So you can get a comfortable viewing experience.

And for this very reason, buying a monitor which is pretty big in screen size or has a small screen size wouldn’t be an ideal choice. Instead, you prefer a monitor size between 22 inches to 27 inches. And anything above that would be overkill. Also, to help you with your pick, here is a list of the best 27 inch monitor under 300 dollars.

3. Resolution

monitor resolution

Your monitor’s resolution also plays an essential role. For instance, if you are working with a large number of photos which have lower resolutions. Then you might want to consider getting a monitor that offers you higher resolution, so you can view all the photos at their best resolution.

Also, the good part is that there are quite a lot of monitors are available in the market that lets you switch between two different levels of resolution. So you can adjust the resolution based on your needs.

4. Connectivity Options

monitor Connectivity Options

The next thing you should consider while buying a monitor for graphics design is the connectivity options.

Connectivity options matter a lot when you plan to add a secondary monitor or want to use the monitor with your MacBook or Laptop. Or are you going to add a dedicated graphics card and so on.

Depending on what kind of connectivity option your source has. For instance, if you are going to connect your monitor to a graphics card, look for its connectivity option. And based on that, you need to choose a monitor with similar connections.

Also, if you are planning to connect a monitor to your MacBook Pro, then you can check this list of best curved monitor for Mac.

5. Ergonomics

Lastly, consider the ergonomics of the monitor. As you are going to spend a lot of time in front of your monitor. So you better be looking for a monitor that allows you to adjust the height and swivel of the monitor. As a result, you will get a comfortable viewing experience.

Also, you may want to switch your monitor to portrait mode, so look for a monitor that lets you pivot the screen 90 degrees.

You may also want to look for extra features like USB ports that are great for plugging in thumb drives or charging your devices.

Final Words:

So that was a quick answer to your how to choose a monitor for graphics design. I hope this has helped you to understand what exact things you should be looking at while buying a new screen. Also, if there is anything else you would like to ask, then do comment below.

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