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How to CLEAN your QLED or OLED TV | Deep-In-Depth Guide

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Most recent flat-screen TVs are magnets for dust and fingerprints and depending on your acceptable limit, your TV may soon become an eyesore. But, before you start scrubbing your TV with disinfectant and paper towels, here’s a quick, safe, and easy method to clean it.

A filthy TV not only looks terrible, but an excessive amount of dust may permanently harm it, which is why you should clean your TV regularly. Cleaning a television is very simple and requires no special equipment.

A Soft Duster, a High-Quality Microfiber Cloth, Distilled Water, a Spray Bottle, Cotton Swabs, and a Vacuum Cleaner with Soft Brush Attachment are all you’ll need.

Avoid using paper towels or cleaning fluids on your screen since they may harm it and leave stripes in the anti-glare coating. Before you begin, turn off the television and, if feasible, unplug it.

How to CLEAN your QLED or OLED TV

The TV should be cold to the touch after approximately 15 minutes; if it isn’t, wait a little longer. Take the soft Brush and give it a good shake before assessing it to make sure it’s clean. 

Because even the tiniest speck of sand has the ability to damage your screen. Aside from that, remove any jewelry to avoid causing harm to the television.

Wipe the screen clean with a soft screen without applying any pressure. Use a cotton swab that you gently spritz in with distilled water to clean the corners since they may be difficult to clean with just the brush.

How to CLEAN your QLED or OLED TV

You may wipe off the remainder of the casing after you’ve finished with the screen. A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment may easily remove the dust that has accumulated in the speaker grilles. To prevent scratches, make sure the brush is clean before using it.

Hold the vacuum cleaner nozzle in one hand so that just the bristles slide over the grid softly. Keep the vacuum cleaner hose away from the TV with your other hand.

High-Quality Microfiber Cloth

Spray the Microfiber cloth gently with distilled water to remove stubborn fingerprints or spots.

Make sure you don’t use too much water, since water droplets on the screen may cause harm to the TV.

Remove the stain gently with circular movements, being careful not to apply any pressure on the screen.

Wait approximately 30 minutes after you’ve finished making sure everything is dry before turning the TV back on.

That’s all you need to do and you’ll be good to go!

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