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How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss

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How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission err_cache_miss

Windows is famous among tech enthusiasts for the top-notch operating system services that it provides to its users. But at the same time, Windows is also spoken ill about by certain critics for its loopholes and annoying issues that users have to face quite often. However, the good thing with issues in Windows is that they are always solvable in one way or another. One such common issue that the users have to face is the ERR_CACHE_MISS error. Seems very complex and hard to fix, right? But don’t worry as in this article we are going to look into simple ways in which you can fix this issue. Some of these methods are performed by the hp service center dadar themselves, so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the solutions that we discuss in this article.

What is the err_cache_miss error?

Let’s firstly see what the err_cache_miss error is after all. If you use Google Chrome, that is exactly the platform where you get to see this error. The err_cache_miss error means that the website you were trying to interact with is causing some issues. When you click on some link or any other component on the webpage meant for interaction, this error pops up meaning that the interaction is not possible at the moment. If you look for the description of this error message it says “Confirm Form Resubmission” which basically asks you to perform whatever action you were performing on the webpage once again.

What’s the problem with form resubmission?

Now, a lot of people might be wondering what’s the problem with resubmitting a form or redoing an action on a webpage. The problem occurs when it’s a webpage involving payments. You don’t want to make the same payment twice for no reason, right? This is the reason why we need to fix this issue without causing any further problems.


Since we know why it is important to fix the err_cache_miss error on your laptop, let’s finally look into some ways to do the same.

Restart or Refresh the Browser

In some cases, it is as simple as refreshing the web browser or restarting it to fix the err_cache_miss error on your laptop.

Resetting the Browser

The first thing that you should try doing is resetting your browser. Sometimes it is just a minor glitch on Google Chrome that results in the error message err_cache_miss. To reset your browser:

  • Open a web browser on your PC.
  • Click on the address bar and enter the following: “chrome://settings”
  • Click Enter.
  • Here you will have to search for the Advanced option and further look for the Reset button.
  • Click on reset.

Turn off cache

If resetting the browser doesn’t work for you another thing that you can try doing is turning off the cache on Google Chrome. To turn off the cache follow these steps:

  • To turn off cache on Google Chrome, you need to be in Developer Mode. So firstly, turn on Developer Mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I and then press F1 to open settings.
  • Here, look for the Network option and click on the Disable cache check box to tick it.
  • Try visiting the web page again and the chances are that it might work fine now.

Contact Customer support

If you are still facing the same issue even after trying the above methods then it would be best to talk to the experts and not mingle a lot with your PC settings. We suggest you contact customer support or visit a service centre to get the issue fixed professionally by experts. That would make sure that the problem is fixed completely without unfolding any new issues.

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