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how to make a shortcut on snapchat

by Swapnil Kore

Keeping in touch with friends via Snapchat is among the most popular ways we interact these days. Sending selfies with unique filters makes users seem goofy and different. Updates to social media apps will enhance people’s ability to interact with one another and tell stories. Now, stickers can represent their personalities. This type of sticker is called a Bitmoji.

Aside from Snap Map and 3D Bitmoji, this app has many other exciting features. Snap Streaks are also effective at capturing global audiences. Several tips and tricks can be learned by reading this article, including How to Make a Snapchat Shortcut. We’re ready to begin!

Many social media lovers are obsessed with Snap Streaks since they represent solid friendships and engagement. As the number of chats, selfies, and emojis increases, the streaks and emojis also multiply. Adding Snap Buddies to Snapchat shortcuts is now possible, especially for best friends. It only takes a Bitmoji account linked to Snapchat installed in your system and a Bitmoji account connected to your friends’ Snapchat accounts. Here are all the steps to getting shortcuts on Snapchat if you are wondering how:

How to Make a Shortcut on Snapchat

Within the Snapchat app, shortcuts can now be created. I believe it works somewhat similarly to the owl Snapchat widget. However, many users were unhappy to learn that the device had been discontinued.

With the recent app update, shortcuts can now be created within the app itself. You can now create a shortcut for them to speed up the process of sending snaps to your favorite contacts. Also, Snapchat shortcuts let you send a photo simultaneously to all users; you snap more often than others. Imagine how great it would be to keep those pesky Snapstreaks in check.

Only Snapchat shortcuts can be created within the app. Groups can also be made using the Friends list. Snaps can be sent to friends quickly. Follow the steps below to create your first Snapchat shortcut.

Create the shortcut

Shortcuts cannot be created on Snapchat.

  • With Snapchat, photos are taken with the camera and sent via the app.
  • Using the blue Send to button, users can access their contacts.
  • You can send a message to someone by selecting the ‘Send To…’ button on the top panel. We now enable you to create shortcuts by clicking the ‘Create shortcut’ button. By tapping on it, you can create a shortcut.

Choose your emoji

Snap offers the option to create a shortcut for your group emoji. The group name will appear in any snaps you send.

  • Using the “Choose Emoji” button, pick your preferred emoji for the group.
  • You can quickly identify shortcuts using an emoji corresponding to the user group. If you guys are creating a shortcut for your family, you could include the family emoji.

Select your friends

  • Now, alongside the emoji, you’ll see a list of Snapchat friends. The shortcut can also be added to whoever you want. Users will be grouped alphabetically by the shortcut.
  • When a username is clicked, it will be added to the group. You will see a blue tick beside the name of each member when you select them.
  • After the process is complete, click ‘Create Shortcut.’

How many people can be in a shortcut on Snapchat?

There are no official limits to the new shortcut feature. A shortcut can accommodate 200 users. Creating shortcuts over that limit will not be possible.

How can you send a snap using a Snapchat Shortcut?

If you try to send a snap, Snapchat will only display the shortcut. Sending photos to grouped users is possible with the shortcut.

  • Snaps can be sent on Snapchat by tapping on a photo. You can send the message to anyone you choose using the ‘Send to’ button in the bottom right corner.
  • Your shortcuts are represented by emojis at the top of the page. Emojis can be tapped to open shortcuts.
  • The ‘+ Select’ button at the top right of the list can be used to select all users.
  • The snap can now be sent out as usual.

How to get shortcuts on Snapchat

New shortcuts will be added to the app in an upcoming update. Moreover, only a few users seem to have access to it. At this point, the update is only available in the alpha version. The new shortcut feature is available to Snap app users by updating their apps. Watch your app store for the update, as it cannot be forced.


Here’s what I have to say. If you have any questions about this article, I am happy to answer them. Please leave a comment below.

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