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how to make snapchat dark mode

by Swapnil Kore

Have you heard of Snapchat’s dark mode feature? Now let’s explore how Android and iPhone users can enable dark mode. The dark appearance of Snapchat is not available to Android users yet, just as it is with TikTok’s dark mode. It is possible, however, to overcome this problem.  It is easy to switch from light to dark mode on iPhones using Snapchat account settings.  Despite this, the Snapchat application is configured to use a light theme by default; most users use this set mainly for taking photos and videos.  Furthermore, dark mode decreases eye strain and improves the watch time of an app.   Snapchat’s dark mode can be enabled on your iOS or Android device using this guide. 

How to Make your Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone  

Since 2019, Snapchat has offered its dark mode to iOS users, and now the Snapchat app is getting it. 

  1. Snapchat should be opened 
  2. Your profile can be accessed by clicking on your Bitmoji 
  3. You can access settings by tapping the setting icon in the top right corner 
  4. To change the appearance of your app, click “Appearance.” 
  5. From the options given, choose “Always Dark.”

A darker landscape design should be used on Snapchat. 

How to Make Snapchat Dark Mode on Android (No Root) 

Android users have not yet been able to use Snapchat’s dark mode despite rumors that testers are using it.  The Android dark mode feature has not yet been made available to users, so it may take quite a while for it to become available.  You can override force-dark mode in Android settings by turning on the developer options.  Following this short guide, you can use Snapchat dark mode on Android devices. 

  1. Using the Settings app, go to Display and enable the dark theme 
  2. Returning to the app will allow you to access the settings
  3. Developer Mode can be turned off by going to System > About Phone and tapping on Build Number 9 times. 
  4. The developer options can be changed by returning to the System menu and selecting Developer Options.
  5. The “Override force-dark” option should be toggled on under Hardware Accelerated Rendering. 

You might not be able to override dark mode if your Android device runs Android 10 or higher. If it runs Android V5 or lower, you might not see the option to override the dark method.  The blue light filter app also allows you to activate dark mode without rooting.  This only serves as a display for your Phone since it covers the screen. 

How to Turn on Snapchat Dark Mode for Samsung Galaxy 

The Snapchat dark mode option must be forced onto your Samsung smartphone, though the process is slightly different than on Android.  Samsung devices require you to open the Settings app, select About Phone, Software Information, and tap “Build Number” consecutively to enable developer mode.  If you have already enabled developer mode, you should see a notification saying, “No need.” 

Samsung devices will now be able to use Snapchat dark mode. 

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu 
  2. Drop-down menus include “Developer Options.”. 
  3. For apps that aren’t fully compatible with Hardware Accelerated Rendering, make sure “Force Dark Mode” is turned on under this option. 
  4. There may be times when your device needs to be restarted.

If you can’t find the force dark mode menu in the settings, use the search bar while the developer options are enabled.  All the details are here.  Also, third-party apps can be forced to run in dark mode, but you must root your device to make this work. 

How to Turn on Snapchat Dark Mode on Rooted Device 

Those Android devices with developer options have fewer privileges than those that have been rooted.  Snapchat’s dark mode can be forced on rooted devices with the substratum app.  

  1. This app can be downloaded from Google Play only if you have a rooted phone
  2. If your theme engine does not display the dark theme, make sure it is selected 
  3. Using the dark theme, you and a particular app (in this case, Snapchat) will be able to see each other on your Phone. 
  4. Click on the install button to complete the installation. 

You have to follow these steps. If you open Snapchat, you’ll see a darkened interface. 

Snapchat Dark Mode FAQs

How to get Dark mode on Snapchat without App Appearance 

To get dark on Snapchat without App Appearance, you can force dark mode from the developer options.  Moreover, it’s possible that some Android versions won’t work because of unknown reasons. 

Will Android Snapchat get the Dark Mode in the future? 

We haven’t heard anything about Snapchat’s dark theme for Android, so we aren’t sure when it will be available. 


The developer options on the Android app also allow users to force dark mode, regardless of whether iOS users have the dark mode option enabled.  You can request a dark mode by submitting a suggestion to Snapchat. You can submit your proposal by selecting the “I have a suggestion” option from the feedback subheading in your Snapchat profile.  You should now be able to enable Snapchat dark mode on Android and iPhone after reading this article.

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