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how to save snapchat videos

by Swapnil Kore

Snapchat is a popular social networking application that uses time-sensitive viewing technology. Only the photos and videos you’re interested in are displayed on this platform. The information was protected from prying eyes. 

Unlike regular Snaps, Snapchat Stories last 24 hours before disappearing. They can’t retrieve their accounts from social networking platforms as, well.

A magical story or Snap usually lasts no more than 24 hours or is only seen once. You need a way to save Snapchat videos to your mobile phone’s gallery if you want to watch them on your device for as long as you like. We will address this issue today by explaining how you can save Snapchat videos to your device.

Can you save videos officially?

Snap’s time-sensitive nature is enjoyed by thousands of users worldwide. The urgency of the app is unmatched by any other app. Snapchat places a high priority on protecting time-sensitive data. 

The Snapchat app allows you to save videos before and after posting them. In addition to being unable to download Snaps submitted by others, videos uploaded to Stories cannot also be downloaded. To increase the trust its users feel toward the social network, it takes great care to safeguard the intellectual assets of its contributors. 

Snaps cannot be downloaded unless someone explicitly permits them. 

What happens when you try to take a screenshot?

We’re discussing a video where you may want to save only one or two frames. To capture a screenshot as soon as possible, take a screenshot as soon as possible. Despite this, Snapchat isn’t very user-friendly when it comes to screenshots.

Instead of being a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, Snapchat views screenshotting as a privacy violation. It has been very vocal about privacy norms and safe practices and notifying the person whose video you have snapped. Those who use Snapchat’s new feature to develop original ideas and execute them well will significantly benefit. However, it may not seem very comfortable to a casual Snapchatter.

How to save your videos

The process of creating videos on Snapchat is pretty straightforward. Filters, effects, and other tools can create truly unique videos. And just because you’re an influencer doesn’t mean you’ll get the response you’re looking for. Please keep track of your Snapchat videos by transferring them to your camera roll or gallery. Following are the steps for saving Snaps from Snapchat. 

To post to Snapchat before

Video recordings can be viewed on your phone conveniently and quickly. Before it works, you must post a video. When you’re in the Snapchat creator studio, click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Snapchat’s latest update lets you choose where your saved videos go. There are two options to create a memory: make or save it to your device’s photos gallery or your ‘Memories’ folder.  

After posting on Snapchat

You can still download the video file after submitting your Snapchat Story, regardless of whether you submit it before downloading. In this case, you would click the profile button and then navigate to the section called ‘My Story. Find and save your Snap Story. Select this option by tapping the vertical ellipsis button in the right-hand corner. Complete the process by clicking ‘Save Snap.’

Depending on where you save it, the destination may be either your camera roll or the Memories folder. 

From the Memories folder

You can also preserve your special moments with Snapchat’s Memories feature. According to our previous discussion, Snapchat stories expire after 24 hours. It’s essential to save memories before they expire, regardless of when they are posted. As your destination, you can still choose Memory or Camera. Nevertheless, when Memories is selected, snaps are dedicated to this folder. 

To your left, the ‘Memories’ screen needs to be swiped up from the bottom to access it. Now, under the ‘Stories’ tab, you’ll be able to find all your Snaps that don’t appear in your camera roll.

By clicking on the first, you can access the second. In the top-right corner, click the vertical ellipsis to close the second. You can export snaps by selecting ‘Export Snap.’

When the options bar appears, select ‘Download.’

That’s all there is to it! Your Snaps will appear in the camera roll. 


How to change the behavior of the save button

Once Snapchat has been launched, tap the icon at the top-left corner of your screen to access your profile. Profile settings are accessed via the gear icon at the top-right corner.

You can find all the essential information about the application in the settings section. Choose ‘Memories’ from the menu.

Under the banner ‘Save Destinations,’ tap the ‘Save Button’ button once you’ve selected a destination.

A new ‘Save’ button will appear while editing a Snap. Camera Rolls and Memories folders are options, but Snaps, by default, go to Memories.

Your Snaps can also be automatically saved to Memories. Keep all excellent videos that you come across.

How to save Snaps from other users

You can save your Snaps easily in the previous section. A more complex picture can be seen in other profiles, however. To prevent the unauthorized distribution of Snapchat videos, Snapchat has a no download policy. The Snapchat videos of other users can be saved if you have that much urgency. 

Using your screen recorder 

The easiest way to save videos is to keep them from other profiles. The number of screens you see may exceed your expectations. However, the easiest way to save Snapchat videos is to edit them. Android 10 and iOS 11 both have screen recorders. And iOS 11. You can record the screen by pulling down the quick access panel at the bottom of the video you wish to save to your gallery. A warning may appear that sensitive information is being recorded but ignore it. 

Adding a screen recording app to your device is as easy as downloading one from the Google Play Store or App Store. AZ Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use and lightweight screen recording software. 

With the video boundaries cropped, you can edit the video with your preferred video editing application – the Photos app on iOS is great. 

By using software that mirrors the screen

If you screen-record a Snapchat video and crop it afterward, you can strike a balance between simplicity and video quality. This step must also register the computer screen, not your smartphone. Streaming your PC screen is common when playing games and doing tutorials. Here we will do something similar by using an application called APowerMirror.  

Snapchat videos can be recorded natively on your PC with this app, which allows you to cast your phone’s screen to it. Once your phone (iOS/Android) downloads the application, your PC will be prompted to install it.

Your phone’s APowerMirror app can be used to locate the PC client once you’ve installed it successfully and confirmed the two devices you’re connecting. Tap ‘Mirror’ to get started.

Let your computer search for itself if it cannot find it. 

WiFi must be shared between your devices for this process to be seamless. A USB cable can be used if that isn’t the case. It is required for your Android phone to be enabled for debugging before it can be connected to your computer. As soon as the devices have been linked successfully, the screen on the phone will be mirrored on the PC. 

When the video begins playing in APowerMirror’s PC window, click the recording button once you select “save” from the Snapchat app.

There’s nothing more I can say. Once you have finished recording, click the stop button.


Saving the video will be done in a convenient location.

The video will appear on full-screen when you choose full-screen. You get tiny in the trial version since APowerMirror makes it very clear it’s not worth your time. Mirroring from your phone to a computer is currently limited to one screen at a time. On your screen, a menacing timer can even be seen at the bottom left corner. You would need to start from scratch when the timer expires. You can only record for three minutes without paying for the premium version. You shouldn’t have any problem hitting your target with Snapchat since its videos are usually short.  

Using your secondary phone

Undoubtedly, this isn’t the most innovative solution and may not be suitable for everyone. However, this method might be for you if you do not wish to record and edit your screen. Video can be recorded using the camera on your secondary phone. Once your recording is complete, send it over to your primary phone. Audio and video quality would suffer if you couldn’t choose the right frame. Please feel free to try this method, provided you will not redistribute the videos saved. Cross-posting and other stuff can be done with either of the other two techniques. 

Do third-party applications work?

You can save videos from other Snapchatters in three ways, as discussed in the previous section. Even though third-party solutions aren’t super sophisticated, they can handle the tedious work without making you jump through hoops.

Some “legitimate” Snapchat download apps available in the App Store or Google Play claim to deliver Snapchat videos directly to your device. Apps on this list are not working because Snapchat blocked them in 2014/2015. Please don’t fall for their scam, as they won’t answer your questions without your Snapchat login and Gmail account information. Please don’t fall for their scam now that you know what they’re doing.

Some good practices

Now that Snapchat videos can be downloaded, there are a few rules to follow.

If the creator has asked you not to redistribute or download their videos, you should refrain from doing so. Sharing their information against their wishes would be a breach of their privacy.

Regardless of whether the creator has prohibited redistribution, please ask for their permission. Content creators deserve recognition for their efforts in creating engaging content.

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