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how to unblock someone on snapchat

by Swapnil Kore

Using the following methods won’t guarantee that you’ll be able to unblock someone from your Snapchat account: When you click their contact button (found at the top left corner of their profile), you will have the option to unblock them. Send a private message saying, “@username blocked me, please remove me” if you would like them removed. People who have blocked you may not receive your notifications. If this does not solve your problem, consider submitting a support ticket.


  • I have been blocked from using Snapchat. Would you mind telling me It is as easy as clearing someone’s Snapchat history to become a friend. simple as removing them.
  • Is there a Block List on Snapchat?
  • Can someone be unblocked?
  • Is there a way to befriend someone on Snapchat?
  • Can I not re-add a person to my Snapchat account?
  • Does anyone know if you’ve been blocked and unblocked on Snapchat?
  • When you clear people on Snapchat, how do you see who it is?
  • What happens when you block Snapchat?
  • Can you block someone back when they stop you?
  • Is it possible to unblock contacts?
  • It is possible to block or remove Snapchat friends. How are they different?
  • As far as I know, no one knows that I have stopped them.
  • When you unblock someone, are their messages available to you?

Why can’t I unblock someone on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, you can only unblock a limited number of people at once. Snapchat will disable your ability to block others temporarily if you try to free someone who has already been secured.

How do you unblock someone and Refried them on Snapchat?

To unblock an account, you first need to open Snapchat and go to it. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a blue button that says “Add Friend.” Tap on it, and then add the person you are unblocking. In the final step, click the “Refresh Friendship” button next to their name.

Where is Block List on Snapchat?

On the Snapchat app, you will find the Block List feature under App Settings.

How do I unblock someone?

There are several ways to unblock someone on social media. The three dots are in the top right corner of their profile picture. Click the three dots, select “Block People,” and type in the person’s name in the drop-down menu.

How do you Refry someone on Snapchat?

Before you can friend someone on Snapchat, you must locate their username. You will see a menu when you press and hold the username. This menu will allow you to “Add Friend.”

Why can’t I re-add someone on Snapchat?

There is a limit to how many people you can add to your Snapchat account at once. A person’s account will be deleted if they are re-added to your list.

Does someone know if you block and unblock them on Snapchat?

A person can be blocked and unblocked on Snapchat.

How do you see who you unblocked on Snapchat?

In Snapchat, you can see who you’ve blocked by pressing three lines at the top left. The main screen has a place for you to unblock someone if they’re blocked. By tapping “Unblock” next to their names, you can add them. Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Blocked people.”

What happens if I block someone on Snapchat?

You will not be able to view someone’s Snapchat messages or photos if you block them.

Can you block someone who blocked you?

If someone has blocked you, you can unblock them. Click the “unblock” button next to their name on their profile to clear them.

Can you unblock a contact?

Your device can be unblocked if contact is blocked. You cannot be contacted by the connection by phone or any other means after you have blocked them. The communication can be blocked by opening its details in the app and tapping “Block.”

What’s the difference between blocking and removing a friend on Snapchat?

A Snapchat friend can be permanently removed from your friend list by blocking them. You can temporarily suspend Snapchat friends’ accounts to remove them temporarily.

Will someone know if I block them?

Social media blocks are permanent decisions. While blocked, you will not be able to contact them again.

When you unblock someone, can you see what they sent you?

When you unblock someone, you can view their messages.

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