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how to update snapchat?

by Swapnil Kore

iOS apps can be updated through Apple’s App Store

Here’s what you need to know about updating Snapchat on iOS and Android devices, along with the latest Snapchat features.

Snapchat updates for iPhones and iPads can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. For the iOS app to be updated, follow these steps:

  1. A tap on the App Store app will automatically launch the App Store app. An Internet connection is required to use the app. Snapchat’s update button is located under the Updates tab. Te button. It may also be possible to tap the profile icon for those who do not see the Updates tab.
  2. The app will be updated when you tap UPDATE next to Snapchat.
  3. An animated progress circle surrounds the Update label. Within a few seconds, your new app version will be downloaded (depending on your connection speed).

A Google Play update is needed for the Android app.

  1. The update process for Snapchat for Android is the same as for iOS.
    1. The Play Store can be launched by tapping its icon.
    2. In the upper left corner, tap the menu to access it.
    3. Select My apps & games from the My apps & games page.
    4. In the top menu under UPDATES, you’ll find Snapchat listed among the latest updates.
    5. By tapping UPDATE, you can access Snap updates.
  2. As with any other app, you can update the apps on your device. Adding emojis, filters, lenses, and stories to the Snapchat app is a constant activity. Music players on smartphones allow you to Snapchat while listening to music.

Receive Snapchat updates directly to your inbox

Unless you regularly watch the App Store or Google Play Store, it’s impossible to know precisely when a new Snapchat version will be released. Follow these blogs so that you’ll be notified when a new Snapchat update is released and what changes are to be expected. These blogs cover tech and news stories as soon as they become relevant; reading them can help you stay on top of new Snapchat updates.

Add Snapchat to your Google Alerts

  1. You can receive news stories immediately after they are reported and picked up by Google Alerts when you set up an alert. “Snapchat update” could catch your attention.
  2. When Snapchat updates are released, you can be notified as they happen by setting the How often option in your Snapchat app to As-it-happens. Any updates Google picks up on Snapchat will be notified via email.

Keep up with Snapchat updates using IFTTT Reminders.

  1. On your Android device, you can also use IFTTT to receive a text message whenever you receive a new email from Google Alerts.
  2. When Snapchat updates are found in the App Store, an iPhone and iPad recipe can notify you. It is easiest to check for updates using IFTTT. Play Store and Google Alerts have not supported triggers, but chances are they will update when one is.
  3. If you want to keep up with Snapchat updates, you could set up Google Alerts with the subject “Snapchat update” or “Google Alerts.” Although you may receive emails about previous Snapchat updates or upcoming updates, it is still a good idea to keep up with them.

Make sure you have new features enabled in your settings.

  1. The latest version of WhatsApp might not have the new features that you are receiving snaps with from your friends.
    1. Your Snapchat profile settings are accessible by tapping the profile icon. The gear icon in the top right corner will allow you to manage ADDITIONAL SERVICES.
    2. Several settings are available on the settings page, including filtering, traveling, friend emojis, and permission settings.

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