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Is Kundli Milan Necessary Even For Love Marriage?

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Kundli Milan

Kundali matching or Kundali Milan is also known as “Gun Milan”, “Meelaapakam”, “Guna Milan”, or “Koota Matching”. “Janam Kundali” (Vedas astrological birth chart) is used for Kundli matching. The “Gun / Guna / Gana” assignment is primarily based on the position of the moon in the bride and groom’s horoscope. The following article shall be discussing the importance of Kundali Milan in the case of love marriage.

Kundali matching or Kundali Milan also known as Guna Milano is the first step in determining marital compatibility. Guna Milano occurs according to the detailed guidelines given in the Vedic traditional astrology textbook. Kundali Milan is important in love marriage though couples generally want to avoid this step due to possible adverse effects, they actually help avoid future problems.

If you’re looking forward to getting married and you don’t know your partner well, you should undergo the procedure of Kundali Milan. As part of Kundli matching, their nature compatibility, sexual abilities, attitudes, and trends are matched to see if they are the right partners. Kundali Milan is also important in a love marriage to understand the compatibility of the bride with their in-laws. 

In Hindu culture, marriage is considered a divine ritual and a reunion or fusion of the two souls by the mantra. This soul connection means to last forever, but it all comes down to finding and choosing the “right” thing. Kundali Milan helps you know who is right for us. 

This auspicious and sacred method involves collating “Janam Kundali” or two birth charts. A birth chart is a map of the arrangement of celestial bodies, stars, and planets at birth. After that, the astrologer follows the “Gan Milano method”, also known as the “Astrologer method”. In this way, the astrologer knows the position of the moon on the couple’s chart and calculates and reads it. This method focuses on eight kootas looking at eight different aspects of marriage. This method ranks each of these kootas based on the match between the two Kundalis. Marriage success is predicted based on the points earned in the match.

It is believed that at least 18 of the 36 cancers must match for a happy marriage. Love is an important pillar for a successful marriage, but it must meet many other important criteria. Kundali Milan focuses on trying to predict compatibility between two individuals, their behavior, attitudes, and other tendencies. But this is all a love marriage issue, as it is already known to both members.


Marriage life has many aspects that can be predicted with the help of horoscope matching or Kundali milan and avoid problems. Vedic astrology strongly recommends the use of matching horoscopes to avoid major problems in the future. 

  • The first reason for astrological Kundali name matching is to establish the mental and physical compatibility of the couple in question. These include the attitudes, ways of thinking, temperaments, and behaviors of both people that are fundamental to a successful marriage. Physical attractiveness is also measured to determine if there is a sufficient level of desirability to build a good and lasting relationship. 
  • Kundali Milan is also important to know that the movement of the planet in your horoscope does not hinder or hinder the growth and progress of others’ careers. The seventh Guna, Bhakoot, shows this effect. According to different reputable online Kundli matching websites, one will also match Kundli to overcome Dasha’s negative impact on the future of marriage and couples by matching Kundalis.
  • When a human is born, the positions of various planets and stars determine his future. Sometimes their position is like creating a dasha like Mangardasha or Shanidasha. Such Dasha leads to marriage problems. With the help of Kundli matching, these daschas can be recognized and the astrologer will guide you to carry out some pujas to avoid problems with these dasher. 
  • Kundali Matching can also be used to predict the health and well-being of later children. Nandhi, the eighth Guna in Kendari, helps point out births and possible problems associated with them. The health and well-being of a child is so important to a happy and healthy family that Kundli Milan needs to know about it. 
  • Kundali Milan is also important in love marriage but couples generally want to avoid this step due to possible adverse effects, but they actually help avoid future problems. Horoscope matching also has solutions to the problem through various pujas, so it only helps and strengthens the bond. 
  • Finally, Kundli matching or Kundali Milan also helps complete the marriage if all aspects except the horoscope are suitable for the marriage. In such cases, renowned astrologers have a specific solution called upayas in the astrologer language. There are certain upayas that can be applied to reduce the negative impact of the stability of the mismatched Kundris after the marriage investigation.

Vedic astrology emphasizes the importance of Kundali Milan for a happy and prosperous marriage. It is believed that the nature of the individual and the future can be predicted by horoscopes. It is important that a reputable and knowledgeable astrologer match the kundali before embarking on a lifelong system called marriage.

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