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Ideas for designing Singapore exhibition stands

by TeamDF

Asia, Singapore, exhibitions, show events, installations – what associations do these word combinations evoke? 

Definitely: modernity, innovation, and even futurism. For sure – anything that is ahead of its time.  

We are sure that even for the most experienced exhibitioners and agencies, participating in the Singapore exhibition is a challenge that requires a team brainstorming session. This should result in an idea for an exhibition stand that would meet your needs: not only surprise existing clients, and cement the company’s reputation, but would undoubtedly attract new potential customers and consumers of the company’s products/services. You need to think twice before choosing a Singapore exhibition builder for your project.

What design ideas for the exhibition stand in Singapore, apart from the tried and tested before, are the best to draw visitors’ attention and win over a new audience?

Let’s find out. 

Singapore as the leading center of the design of exhibitions stands

Why has Singapore become one of the leading centers of exhibitions, conventions, and conferences, not exceptionally in Asia but worldwide? Why it’s so valuable to participate in trade shows in Singapore by presenting your booth installation with a standout design?

Singapore has become a mega-developed country in just a few decades, which is now an example for many Asian countries – Singapore’s neighbors. Today it is a highly green city-state with advanced technology, impressive skyscrapers, and a special atmosphere. Here are some facts about Singapore.

It is the financial and economic heart of Asia.

This is a center of modern transportation hubs, which provide an opportunity to implement efficient and fast delivery of any product to any place on the globe. 

Singapore is a combination of Asian hospitality and strict manners, but at the same time, innovation in all spheres of its life. 

It is one of the most developed cities in the world, where any project and basic model will be brought to perfection. 

At the same time, Singapore remains one of the cleanest and greenest cities.

And one more thing is undeniable – Singapore is one of the places in the world on a must-have visit list. Singapore’s climate allows you to enjoy your trip all year round, and the right choice stands builder of your booth with the team, which provides coordinated and responsible project management will allow you to enjoy the trip, delegate the care and responsibility for the preparation and construction of the exhibition booth for it. 

Are you already impressed?

8 ideas of creative stand design for a trade show in Singapore

If your business is related to one of the following areas – participation in Singapore exhibitions using the below ideas for your booth – is a must for your company. 

So, what industries are most widely represented at exhibitions in Singapore? 

Use the Idea of Clean and Sustainable Energy

The idea for the booth: It can be futuristic or impressive in size to demonstrate the power of your company’s industry with visual demonstrations of your products or their parts (e.g., parts of a wind turbine). Or conversely, you can present your booth simply and concisely, demonstrating your company’s commitment to renewable energy and preserving the environment. In this case, your slogans will be proven in practice. For example, use renewable and recycled materials, even produced or recycled in your industry. In this case, you can use modular exhibition stands.

We all know that exhibition spaces consume a lot of electricity. Lighting, refrigeration or heating equipment, coffee machines, digital displays, online games, charging stations, and more. Make a design of your booth, and use energy-efficient lighting sources. 

Also, try to use less paper in your handouts. There are plenty of opportunities to present your products using modern gadgets now. Even such a small contribution will be valuable. 

An example of a concise booth would be represented in Hanergy Renewable Energy Exhibition Center / TRIAD China Ltd. 

Photograph by Ulf Büschleb.

Here designers applied simple graphics, using the latest technology to illuminate the booth panels.   

Ideas of using furniture, landscape, décor, and design in general

Exhibition stand ideas: that is a great opportunity for the exhibitors in this field, their time has come! 

Any idea that relates to their products can be the main focus of a trade show booth. From building a room or even a house, using the elements of the decor, and your products, to create a living green corner at the exhibition, if we are talking about the exhibition of landscape design. 

The main thing is not to forget one of the principal rules for a successful stand, which attracts the maximum attention of visitors. Apart from the fact that the stand should be presentable, it should be comfortable and give an opportunity to relax from the bustle of the exhibition, retreating to specially thought-out relaxing areas.

                   Photo and design: Opiarydesign

Technologies and innovations in trade show booth design

Ideas for your booth: they should certainly resonate directly with your business and products. Your products represent something innovative – that should be the starting point for your booth ideas. Nowadays a lot of new technologies are used for the design and creation of exhibition stands: from familiar to all gadgets, tablets, displays, and interactive games to virtual reality. 

However, we want to draw attention to one of the most recently used at exhibitions – using of exhibition robots. It will definitely liven up your stand and attract a big flow of visitors. The robot’s functions are almost unlimited: from handing out business cards to making a “trip” to other corners of the exhibition with an invitation to visit your stand.   

Use the tourism topic in Singapore 

Your booth design ideas: Asia is a region actively developing the sphere of tourism. Where else could an exhibition dedicated to travel be held but Singapore? The best ideas for stands will, for sure, be to create great, high-quality graphics with attractive views of alluring and unexplored places. The use of interactive stands, and virtual reality technology, allows the visitor to be transported, at least temporarily, to a place where he would like to be and where using the latest technology he can be transported – even if for a short time. 

Let your visitors live moments of happiness!

Mechanical engineering and logistics in your stand design

Ideas for your booth: Mega-stands with large-scale, visual models of machines and equipment always attract attention. It can even be individual parts of machines that illustrate their work. If you provide the opportunity to test your products directly to potential customers – it will undoubtedly be the best idea and investment in your exhibition stand.

Photo: David J. Crewe

Show manufacturing processes on your trade fair booth

Pharmaceuticals and medicine is an important industry in Singapore. And in an industry such as pharmaceuticals, where competition is incredibly high, it is important to gain the trust of the customer. A great idea would be to demonstrate at the booth the operation of equipment for a certain stage of the manufacturing process – for example, packaging or labeling of medicines. Detailed demonstration by qualified specialists of at least a part of the process or part of the completed cycle in real-time is the key to interest and, most importantly, trust from both existing and potential customers.

Other ideas can be also used at the booth: from pop-up pharmacy capsules or drug sculptures to virtual pharmacy kiosks that demonstrate accessibility and ease of obtaining comprehensive information about a drug or even its purchase.

Organize mini food core on your Singapore exhibition stand 

One of the main rules when organizing successful trade show booths is to provide products for testing and, of course, free drinks and snacks. This is your trump card. Use it!

Remember, trade show visitors are, first and foremost, people with normal life needs. Satisfy them and your booth has every chance of success.  

Stands with repetitive products also look great. Repetition is one of the key principles of marketing. 

By creating such a stand, you create the appearance of abundance and endless choices. 

You can also use a great idea that Coca-Cola did – namely design and create a booth in the form of your product.

Advertising is always suitable for any trade show

Ideas: Who knows the secrets of a successful exhibition better than marketers do? ) 

There is no doubt that your creative team will use all the marketing tricks and secrets to promote your stand and create an eye-catching exposition (from promoting the exhibition long before it starts to holding raffles and handing out souvenirs at the exhibition itself). 

Here are just a few more tips. Involve experts and invite a pro – let him tell an exited story from companies that have successfully implemented marketing methods and solutions. 

Let these types of topics and presentations “crack” the traditional mindset. Attendees will thank you for the new ways of thinking. They will receive “baggage” in the form of not only new professional knowledge and tools but, above all a mass of ideas born during the communication with experts to lead and recharge their agency/team/account to even greater success.

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