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Power Strips What to Look For

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Sometimes, it can be challenging to connect all your electrical devices to power, especially if they are many. It is challenging to locate the wall sockets everywhere in the house; hence you need a power strip to provide extra outlets for your devices. You gain many benefits from using a power strip, and it can serve both indoor and outdoor needs.  

Buying the correct power strip will save your devices from unnecessary electrical complications. It will enable you to connect every device regardless of its distance from the power sources. This requires that you observe specific guidelines when buying a power strip. 

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The number of outlets 


The power strip you buy should depend on the number of devices you intend to connect to it. You should consider the ones with extra outlets for future needs. Selecting the strips with a higher number of outlets is also crucial to preventing the blockage of adjacent plugs.  

While connecting your devices, ensure the plugs do not block the next outlet. Locate the bigger plugs at the outlets at the power strip’s ends. Alternatively, buy a right angled power strip to connect multiple devices and plugs without blocking the next outlet. They have sizable spaces between the outlets to enable you to use the outlets fully.  

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Configuration and length 


Power strips are crucial when extending the power source to devices with shorter power cables that cannot reach the primary power source. You need to have one with an extended length to extend connectivity to any length, giving you the freedom to position devices at various positions in the house. This reduces the clutter contributed by putting all the electronics in one place.  

Before purchasing a power strip, you need to calculate how far the device is from the main power source. If the distance is longer than the available cord lengths, you can request a cord replacement to have one with longer cords to meet your needs.  

Surge protection 


Power strip and surge protector vary in different ways; the surge protector protects the devices plugged from power surges and other complications. The power strip extends the connection to connect your device to a power source. However, hybrid power strips such as the right-angle power strips come with surge protection capabilities.  

These power strips also enable you to connect multiple devices vertically in the power outlets. With such power strips, you can connect devices to all the outlets without worrying about getting a power surge or overload.  

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Price and quality 


Expensive power strips are some of the most quality ones; however, you can get an affordable strip that guarantees quality. Quality strips should have various features, such as surge protection capabilities to protect connected devices.  

The other determinant of quality is the safety features. One of the main safety features is the circuit breakers; a good strip should have a 15 to 25-amp circuit breaker. The circuit breakers are ideal for protecting the devices and the strip by preventing system overload that can cause short-circuiting. 



A good strip should last longer than anticipated; however, the durability depends on conditions such as the manufacturing materials. For example, you should buy those with a heavy plastic casing for extra protection in case they fall.  

Another feature is water resistance. A good strip, especially those used in humid areas or for outdoor needs, should have water resistance capabilities to ensure water does not penetrate the system to interfere with the electrical circuit. They should also be able to survive a certain degree of heart, especially the natural heat caused by environmental temperatures during the hot summers.  

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Electric rating 


Every power strip has a wattage and voltage rating, which determines the type of device you can connect to it. Every device with lower energy capacity will work effectively; however, excess voltage devices can interfere with the strip. You need to select a strip based on the energy capacity of your devices. Various power strips have different energy capacities; hence, you need to select carefully.  

Extra features 


You need power strips with various features to protect your electronic devices; hence, you need to select power strips with specific features. For example, you need one with USB outlets to enable you to charge devices such as phones, watches, and Bluetooth devices. You also need to ensure the power strip is energy efficient. To save on your energy bills, it is good to provide all the devices in the house, including the surge protectors and power strips, are energy efficient.   

You can also consider other extra features, such as the ability to mount on the wall. You should also consider the warranty. A warranty is a sign of quality; hence you need to check how long the warranty lasts to ensure you do not spend additional purchase costs in case of any damage. The ones with a warranty give you more security; however, you need to follow usage guidelines to avoid unnecessary complications.  



A good power strip should have as many outlets as possible, linger chords, safety features, and durability. It should also have extra features such as USB ports and a warranty. These key factors should guide your purchase decisions; otherwise, you are likely to buy a faulty system. You should also consider purchasing the power strip from reputable vendors with good warranty and product return policies.  

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