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Prices of motorcycle jackets: Leather jackets do not always have to be expensive

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In addition, to mail-order companies,vilano diverse 3.0 review specialized branches of motorcycle shops are a possible source of motorcycle clothing. For example, you can get motorcycle jackets from Louis or from Held and Polo. If you decide to buy a motorcycle drippy jacket at Held, Polo, or Louis, the question of the manufacturer and the price range still remains.

Note: Make sure your motorcycle jacket has the appropriate connection zipper. With this, you can combine the jacket with matching trousers such as motorcycle jeans and thus make it a two-piece combination.

A leather motorcycle jacket for men does not necessarily cost much and cheap models are already available from 80 euros. However, you are in the lower price range and can not expect outstanding quality. A top product can also cost 600 euros and more. There is a little less choice in the variants for women.

However, leather motorcycle clothing for men does not cost much more than a model made of textile. On the contrary, a professional jacket made of high-tech fibers can even be significantly more expensive. A jacket with Gore-Tex water protection costs up to 1,000 euros. Motorcycle jackets for children are mostly made of textiles and are relatively inexpensive.

Questions and answers about motorcycle jackets

Which motorcycle jacket manufacturers are there?

The following manufacturers and brands are popular:

IXS, Heyberry, Scott, Alpine stars, Revit, Bering, German, Wear W-Tec

How should a motorcycle jacket fit?

Because a motorcycle jacket has a protective function, it is particularly important that it fits correctly. It should therefore not be too short under any circumstances. But even a jacket that is too big carries dangers, as the protectors can slip so quickly. Leather jackets generally fit a little tighter than motorcycle jackets made of textile.

Hint: Since many motorcycle jackets are specified in the English or American guideline sizes (e.B motorcycle jacket in XXL), you should always use size charts.

How do I wash a motorcycle jacket?

Because motorcycle jackets are either made of leather or synthetic textiles, the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions must always be observed during care. The care label provides information about the temperature at which a motorcycle jacket may be washed. In most cases, motorcycle jackets and other motorcycle clothing are not suitable for the dryer.

For fabrics that are pre-impregnated, mild detergents are recommended. In addition, under no circumstances should too much detergent be used to avoid residues.

Is there already a motorcycle jacket test from Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest is considered one of the most important institutions in Germany when it comes to consumer protection. Products from all categories are tested by the test portal. However, a motorcycle jacket test has not been published up to this point.

However, there is a separate topic page on the foundation’s website, where other tests and reports on the subject of motorcycles are collected.

Can I impregnate a motorcycle jacket?

You can also impregnate a motorcycle jacket – regardless of the material. However, the impregnating agents for motorcycle jackets should also be suitable for the respective material. This is especially important for leather. The agent is applied either as a spray, as foam, or by adding it to the washing machine.

How long does a motorcycle jacket have to be?

The length of the men hybride cycle jacket depends on the trousers with which it is to be combined. If you want to wear the jacket not only for fashion reasons but for motorcycling, then it must not overlap largely with the trousers in the waist area. Since motorcycle pants of motorcycle suits are cut slightly higher, the jackets are correspondingly shorter.

Which material is the best?

The choice of material is important. Both leather and textile have their own advantages and disadvantages. Leather, for example, is heavy but offers better protection, while it is the other way around for textiles. Further advantages and disadvantages can be found in our guide.

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