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QloudHost Review – Three secrets of its popularity

by TeamDF

If you are concerned about your privacy and looking for a better way to host your website without compromising your privacy, then we will recommend you read this QloudHost review carefully. 

Because similar to you we were also in search of a better DMCA Offshore service provider to migrate our website. And fortunately, we landed on QloudHost. So we decided to try it and share with you our personal experience. 

About QloudHost

QloudHost is one of the best DMCA ignored hosting providers in the market when privacy is concerned!! But how? Well, because it provides its services with full privacy assurance, all thanks to it offshore servers

But one of the most interesting aspects that we personally love about it, is their feature such as free site migration which we used to shift our website from our existing service provider to its quality servers. 

Key Features of QloudHost

Here in this section we have curated some of its key features that will help your understand its service’s quality. We recommend you to read this section carefully!!

Free site migration: As we told you above that we were not happy with our existing service provider hence we used its free site migration (upto 5GB) to shift our website their servers. 

Latest hardware equipments: QloudHost uses the most advanced hardware equipment such as latest NVMe SSD drive, EPYC series of AMD processors and much more. So that you can enjoy high performance.  

Strong Firewall: To ensure your full safety against any kind of cyber threat such as malware attack, DDoS attack, or any other malicious attack QloudHost has equipped their servers with a strong firewall. 

Daily backup:  QloudHost consistently takes backup of your website’s data so that it can be restored in case any misfortune happens. 

Customer Support

In addition to powerful features QloudHost also provides you 24*7 customer support by a team of technical experts so that you can enjoy a smooth online journey without facing any issues or erors. But still, in case you are stuck with one, then you can immediately contact to them via any of the below-mentioned modes. 

  • Live chat 
  • Email 
  • Ticket

Apart from that, QloudHost have also built an extensive knowledge base so that you can easily get the solution of your problems in case you are unable to connect their team. 

Pros and cons 

We have mentioned some of its major pros and cons to ensure you can understand the complete picture of its service’s quality. 


  • 100%DMCA ignored 
  • Full content flexibility 
  • High Quality server infrastructure 
  • 24*7 customer support


  • No Live call support
  • No shared hosting plans  

Plans and prices 

Here in this section we have attached an image of its price and plans of the normal VPS server so that you can get a better idea of their service’s worth. 


Is QloudHost expensive?

No, because QloudHost provides DMCA ignored hosting servers which may seem to be quite expensive than the normal VPS servers but if you will compare their plans with the other DMCA ignored hosting providers than you will find services comparatively affordable. 

Is QloudHost legit? 

Yes, QloudHost uses the best in class DMCA ignored server infrastructure so that you can enjoy your online presence with untraceable footprints. So yeah if you want full privacy then definitely QloudHost is a legitimate service provider. 

How Do I Choose the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting plan?

Suppose you are planning to start your own video streaming website and expecting blazing fast performance for it, then we will recommend you to choose especially optimised servers such as offshore video streaming. 

Can my offshore plan be upgraded at a later time?

Yes, you can anytime upgrade to their higher plans with expanded resources without any restriction or hidden charges. But you will have to pay the price for that particular plan you are upgrading to. 


Overall, QloudHost is an excellent service provider that offers high quality DMCA ignored servers with full privacy assurance. Hence if you are also planning to start your website and want to post your desired content without any restrictions or arbitrary troubles then we will recommend you to go with it. 

Hopefully, you have found this QloudHost review to be informative and helpful and since this review was based up our personal experience, we can confidently say that you can rely on it. 

The rest is upto you!! Make a wise decision. 

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