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The Best Keyword Popularity Check Tools

by D F
Keyword Popularity Check

There are a lot of search engines, but Google is the only one that makes 100 billion searches every month. Yes, it is one billion. People search for everything on the Internet, from “gummy bears” to “BMW.” That’s why it’s essential to ensure your website is optimized for potential “keywords” that are important to your online product, service, or business. It will make your website more visible to search engines and the free or organic outcomes of search engines.

Keyword Research is the process of finding and choosing SEO keywords and phrases that people search for most that are related directly to your product or service. Your goal should be for a user to access your site in the top organic results on Google when looking for a keyword in your niche. Choosing the right keywords is only the beginning of a long journey. If you don’t properly optimize your website, including the subject matter, around the right keywords, your site may not appear in the top Search engine results. You can also use the competitive market keyword popularity check tools such as Splitmetrics to find out how much competition there is for a keyword.


AccuRanker is the most precise keyword rank tracker just on the market so that you can maintain a competitive edge. It will keep track of your progress and show you where you need to make changes so you can get ahead of your rivals.

With AccuRanker, you’ll have access to all the essential SERP data you need to make sure you know what changes you need to make to improve and keep your ranking. You will have all the valuable data you need to share insights with your team and keep working to improve your content and order.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is not a standard tool/app for looking up keywords. But it has a feature that helps to find great keywords. What is it? The Report on the Performance. This report tells you which pages on your site Google users click on the most. (And the exact words they used to find it)

So, how can this feature help you find keywords? It’s easy to use: look for “Opportunity Keywords” with it. When you rank between #8 and #20 in Google for a particular keyword, you have an “opportunity keyword.”

Small Seo Tools

Highlights The way Checker is a tool that lets users see where a webpage or URL ranks in a web browser (especially Google) for a particular keyword based on how it needs to be compared to other websites trying to compete for that keyword. For example, if you run a website/app about mobile phones, you might want to know where that website continues to rank on Google for the keyword “best smartphones.”


It is a Swiss Army Knife of tools for finding keywords. You give SECockpit a list of keywords to start with, just like any other keyword tool. But what makes SECockpit stand out is its built-in features that let you learn A LOT about search trends, organic competition, and traffic estimates. It means that it’s a tool mostly made for SEO experts.

Yes, this tool can be helpful for beginners. But there’s no question that SECockpit is made for people who live, breathe, and sleep SEO. If you’re entirely new to SEO, this tool might have too many features. But if you want a story with a lot of depth, you’ll probably get what you pay for.


From 50 million results are pages that rank for a completely different keyword or aren’t trying to rank for much of anything. So, it would help if you focused on pages that only show up on the page Google when you search for a particular keyword. It would help if you used a keyword check apps to get a complete picture of how your keywords compare to others.

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