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The Easiest Way To Cut Your Storage Costs

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Have you been through your storage unit recently? If so, now is the right time to clean out those old boxes and save some money. Storage units can be helpful if you’re moving or renovating, but they aren’t worth it for long-term storage. The national average price of a unit is $89.12 per year, which adds up to $1069.44! You might pay less depending on where in the country you’re located and what type/size the unit is.


How to Start Cleaning Out?

Evaluate Items Usage

If you have stuff in your unit that hasn’t been used for over a year, it’s time to get rid of them! Having a wardrobe full of clothes is not needed if you only wear ¼ of them. Holding onto old clothes is another common problem, but it’s also one that you can get rid of out of your wardrobe. Letting go will free up space in your closet for new items and allow time to buy if weight loss occurs!


Save Your Memories

Indeed, we often have a hard time letting go of the things from our past. But there are creative ways to save nostalgia without the clutter! Consider scanning all of your family photos in a digital format before storing them away. This way, you can take advantage of memory storage space and preserve these precious memories for years to come! 


If you have an abundance of old baby clothes or t-shirts that are sentimental, consider having them made into a memory blanket. It will save space in your closets, but the item can serve as both decoration and insulation for those chilly winter nights when it’s time to wrap up warm!

Don’t Waste Your Storage Spaces.

Investing in some new storage solutions will make your life easier, and it’s worth spending a few hundred dollars on getting the right amount of space. You can always hire an organizer if you’re looking for that perfect solution, but hiring one is more affordable than paying over $1000 per year for top-notch personal care service!


How We Can Help

Our team can bring the dumpster to your home or storage unit, so you don’t have trouble getting rid of all that junk. The convenience of our 10 and 15-yard dumpsters is perfect for tight spaces. You can place almost anything in the container that’s not hazardous or liquid, so professionals who know what they’re doing will dispose of it!


How to Get Started

The first step to having a clutter-free home is renting a dumpster from our company. We have the perfect size for any project, and we’re always available if you need help deciding what’s right!

Precision Disposal of South Florida is here to help you fight against clutter and save money! We offer quality dumpster rental services in vero beach to solve your storage problems and make it easy for you. You can reserve a dumpster today by calling us at 772-281-5027.


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