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Top Fakar Connectors Wholesale Companies at Global Sources

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Fakar Connectors

If you’re looking for wholesale Fakra connectors, you’ve come to the right place. The Global Sources directory features verified companies that sell wholesale Fakra connectors. You can browse through their product categories, check their prices, and read reviews and feedback from previous customers.

EnterTec Technology Inc.

ENTERTEC TECHNOLOGY INC. is a company based in Taiwan. It provides turnkey solutions for military and commercial applications. Its products have been implemented in missile systems, command, and control centers, and simulators. Enertec also supplies precise calibration solutions for medical OEMs. The company has been in business for more than twenty years and holds ISO 9001 certification. Its products are used in medical, defense, and aerospace industries.

Hangzhou Assem Technology Co. Ltd

As a top wholesaler of Fakra connectors, you can be confident that you will get the highest quality connectors at competitive prices. Whether you need a cable harness or a coaxial connector, you will find the right supplier with Global Sources. These wholesale companies offer low MOQs and factory direct prices.

Dongguan RunShun Technology Co. Ltd

Dongguan RunShun Technology Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese company specializing in antenna-related equipment. Established in 2009, this company is a subsidiary of Taiwan Dingyang Technology Co. Ltd. This company is committed to providing high-quality and innovative products to satisfy the requirements of their customers.

KeMy Electronic Technology Inc.

KeMy Electronic Technology Inc. is an experienced OEM/ODM manufacturer of coaxial cable assemblies, antennas, and RF Radio Frequency connectors. They offer a full range of products in many different sizes and types. Their products are used in a variety of different applications. Here are some of the different products they manufacture:

Types of Fakra connectors at Global Sources

Global Sources is one of the largest online distributors of computer products, electronic components, and semiconductors. You can search their online inventory by part number, description, brand, and other variables to find exactly what you’re looking for. To get started, go to Global Sources’ parts search page and type in the part number or description you’re looking for.

50Ω RF Connector Fakra connectors for GPS

Fakra connectors offer a high-quality solution for the connection of GPS receivers to antennas. These connectors are available in several forms including SSMB, SMA, MCX, and V-type. They offer excellent electrical performance in a small footprint. Designed for high-reliability applications, they meet USCAR standards and are suitable for automotive, commercial, and instrumentation applications.

The high-quality coaxial cable has dual shielding and low-loss features. This minimizes signal loss and attenuation throughout the entire cable. Moreover, coaxial cable is the most efficient means of transmitting GPS signals. It has dual inner and outer conductors that shield the transferred radio frequency energy against outside interference. When choosing a coaxial cable, be sure to check the connector’s electrical specifications carefully.

SMA connectors are semi-precision coaxial connectors with a 50 Ohm nominal impedance. These connectors were originally designed for frequencies ranging from DC (zero Hz) to 12 GHz. Today, they are widely used in hand-held radio antennas, mobile telephone antennas, and Wi-Fi antenna systems.

Fakra connector for PCB/RF connector

If you are in the market for a Fakar connector for PCB/RF connector, you’ve come to the right place. Global Sources offers wholesale Fakra connectors at low MOQs and direct factory prices. These connectors are manufactured to meet exacting specifications for the microwave industry.

The FAKRA connectors are a standard interface for high frequency telematic applications. These include driver assistance systems and autonomous driving systems, where high data volumes must be combined and transmitted in real time. They are available in both fixed and floating varieties, which make them highly versatile for a variety of applications.

The Fakar connector is available in several configurations and features. It is commonly used in the automotive industry and is ideal for industrial settings. A number of common brands offer different versions of this connector. One such example is the MX66 Series, the industry’s smallest waterproof coaxial connector. It is designed for ADAS applications and connected cars, bringing the internet of everything into traditional vehicle spaces.

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