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Four Uses of Custom Product Boxes in Product Marketing

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Several companies have successfully used custom product boxes to increase sales. One example is MillerCoors beer, which increased sales by 5% in one month. One DotCom distribution survey found that 52% of consumers would likely make repeat purchases if they received premium packaging. However, ROI for custom boxes is difficult to measure. This article will look at four of the most common uses of custom product boxes for product marketing.

Informational tool

A custom product box can play a crucial role in the product marketing process. In many ways, it is similar to a brochure or advertisement. In many ways, custom product boxes are informational tools, but they are also useful for delivering messages. Many marketers consider them a vital part of their product marketing strategy. Here are some tips to make your custom product boxes effective.

First and foremost, custom product boxes can be used as a base for flower vases or candle holders. They are robust and smooth to the touch and can be customiz in design, style, and print. Furthermore, because manufacturing materials are widely available in the market, the cost of a custom product box is also kept low. This makes the custom product boxes very affordable for a product’s marketing campaign.


While traditional forms of marketing involve spending a considerable amount on advertising in media and print, creative packaging can help increase brand perception while ensuring a low cost-per-impression. Custom product boxes can be printed with a brand logo or colourful artwork and necessary information about the product. This can help entice consumers to buy and repeat their purchases. As a bonus, custom boxes can be mailed at a very low cost, further increasing their ROI.

The physical appearance of custom packaging is also extremely important. Custom packaging eliminates unnecessary weight and shipping costs. Furthermore, increasing awareness of environmental crises and the burgeoning number of environmentally-conscious consumers have influenced businesses to move toward eco-friendly packaging. Custom packaging can also help a brand create a distinct brand perception, which is essential in establishing its own identity and ensuring the quality of its products.


One effective way to increase sales is through cross-selling. This strategy involves presenting customers with complementary products or services that are frequently purchase with one another. Upselling is a related concept in which a customer may trade up to a more expensive version of the same product. Amazon attributes up to 35 per cent of sales to cross-selling. They display related products on product pages and prompt shoppers to buy complementary items.

For example, IKEA has a furniture collection and uses cross-selling to sell additional items. This allows customers to furnish their rooms more quickly, which results in additional sales. Glossier, a popular cosmetics and beauty product brand, uses cross-selling to increase sales. The company uses casual language to make the products seem indispensable to customers, prioritizing customer convenience. However, not all companies do cross-sell well.

Brand identity

Whether you’re selling a new product or a repackaged classic, using custom product boxes is an effective way to create brand recognition. Consumers often identify with a brand by its packaging, so custom boxes are ideal for reinforcing that bond. By ensuring that your packaging is attractive, stylish, and memorable, your customers are more likely to remember and trust your brand. Here are some tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your packaging:

One of the most important things you can do to improve your brand’s image is to use custom packaging. The design of your custom boxes can do wonders for your brand identity. Your packaging can impact your customer’s first impression of your business, so choose the most visually appealing boxes possible. Remember that packaging is not the only aspect of your brand; it can also reflect your product’s quality.

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