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what are streaks on snapchat

by Swapnil Kore

The Snapchat Streaks feature, one of the essential features on the platform, keeps users interested in Snapchat. By simplifying sending and receiving Snaps, Snapchat Streaks has helped grow its fan base. The following article provides a quick guide to Snapchat Streaks for those new to the service.

What is a Snapchat Streak?

Snapchat Streaks and Snapstreaks measure your interaction level with Snapchat users. To establish a snap streak, you need to send or receive Snaps at least once every three days for three consecutive days. Using the Chat window, you can identify contacts engaged in a Snapstreak by the fire emoji ( ).

A number beside the fire emoji indicates the number of days remaining in a Snapstreak. Keep your Snapstreak going by sending and receiving Snaps every 24 hours. If you do not comply, you will lose your Snapstreak.

What Counts Towards Snapstreaks?

Factors contribute to snap streaks as well as those that do not. The Snapchat Snapstreak is based on only two activities. Some of them are as follows:

  • Sending and receiving photo snaps
  • Sending and receiving messages with video Snaps

All you need to know is that. It is not possible to count snaps sent to a group or texts, stories, or stories posted in private discussions in group conversations. In addition, Snaps should be sent using Snapchat’s camera interface. The camera roll or Memories tab cannot be used to send Snaps to keep your Snapstreak going.

What Do Snapchat Streak Emojis Mean?

Snapstreaks are displayed to users if they are active. Using emojis next to a Snapstreak does not make it obvious what they mean to a new user. In general, Snapstreaks contain three types of emojis: the Fire ( ) Emoji, the 100 ( ) Emoji, and the Hourglass (⌛) Emoji.

What Does the 🔥 Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

As soon as the fire emoji appears on Snapchat, users whose names display the Emoji will have the chance to participate in Snapstreaks. Three consecutive Snaps must be sent and received to trigger the Snapstreak.

What Does the 💯 Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

When you have maintained a Snapstreak for 100 days, you will see the 100 emoji instead of the fire emoji. Emojis will switch back to fire on Day 101.

What Does the ⌛ Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

An hourglass emoji indicates that a snap streak is about to end. The Snapstreak will not continue if the previous Snap is not sent soon after. By sending a Snap (picture or video) within the next four hours, you can save someone’s Snapstreak.

Share Snapchat Streak in Story

It used to be possible to filter Snapchat with a day count filter for Snapstreaks. Even though Snapstreak is no longer available, you can still show off your streak with your friends through Charms. Through Charms. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Open Snapchat and go to the profile page of the person you are on a Snapstreak with. A user’s profile page will appear when you tap their display name in the conversation window.                                                                                                         
  2. Under the “Charms” section, you’ll find the Snapstreak charm. It is now easier to capture a screenshot of Snapstreak appeals by tapping them to expand them. It will be sent to your friend when you take a screenshot of your friendship profile.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  3. Your Snapchat Story must now contain the screenshot. The Snapchat story creation interface allows you to select a screenshot from your camera roll. You can mention the person in your Story if you so wish. Once you’ve selected “My Story” on Snapchat, you can choose “Send” to share your Snapstreak.                                                                                                 

5 Simple Tips to Increase Snapstreak

  • Send Photo Snaps

Your Snapstreak will increase quickly when you send the other person a Snap. If you run out of ideas, send a blank Snap to continue your streak. Most long-term Snapstreaks will be empty if the participants are outgoing and socially active.

  • Send Video Snaps

If you find sending static images tedious, you can also send video snaps. Daily videos should be sent to the person. Sending a video snap strengthens your relationship with your friend as well.

  • Be Consistent

The streaks expire after 24 hours, so sending Snaps regularly is essential. Remembering to send Snaps can be extremely difficult if you use a reminder. Multiple reminder apps are available for Android and iPhone to ensure you don’t miss another Snapstreak.

  • Troubleshoot Snapchat if the app isn’t working

When your Snapchat app doesn’t work correctly, you won’t be able to send daily Snaps to maintain your Snapstreak. A Snapchat app fix is needed in such situations as soon as possible. The following detailed instructions can be found here to help you resolve Snapchat’s app not working issue. Our in-depth guide linked here provides several solutions to fix the problem.

  • Request to restore lost Snapstreak

The Snapchat support team can restore Snapstreaks lost during server outages. We have a dedicated guide for retrieving Snapstreaks.

Start Snapstreak with Friends on Snapchat

The Snapchat generation under 25 often displays Snapstreaks for a long time. It’s a mess. Should that be the case, we hope this guide has been helpful.  

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