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What do you look for in a chainsaw with a battery?

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Battery and runtime

Cordless chainsaws are usually equipped with a lithium-ion battery. The battery capacity of the devices differs. On average, it is between two and four ampere-hours. best sander for furniture this value influences the runtime of the cordless chainsaw. The more ampere-hours the battery can store, the longer you can work with the chainsaw. Cheap models need to be recharged after just 20 minutes. On the other hand, high-quality devices can be used in continuous operation for up to one and a half hours. The running time can also depend on the cuttings. Some manufacturers specify minimum running times for this. If hardwood is processed, a recommended cordless chainsaw, for example, can make 100 to 150 cuts.

You should also take a look at the battery performance. Many chainsaws are available with an 18 or 36-volt battery. This is easily sufficient for normal cutting work in the garden. Although there are alternatives with a 40-volt battery, they are less common to find.

Size and weight

Compared to classic chainsaws, cordless chainsaws are small and compact. As a result, they trump with particularly user-friendly handling. In order to hold the device comfortably, the cordless chainsaw should be lightweight. Many models weigh a maximum of five to seven kilograms. Although the cordless chainsaws come with low dead weight, you should always grab them with both hands while working.

Are there one-hand cordless chainsaws?

If you only want to saw through thin branches, you do not necessarily need a large cordless chainsaw. The alternative is a mini device that you can comfortably hold and operate with one hand. Accordingly, the providers also sell them under the name of one-hand cordless chainsaws. Many of these versions work with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery and have all the safety features of normal cordless chainsaws. In contrast to these, they often weigh less than two kilograms.

Sword length and cutting power

Cordless chainsaw tests on the Internet also pay attention to their sword length when comparing the devices. The cutting length depends on this. By default, the swords of the devices measure between 25 and 35 centimeters. The cutting length – sometimes referred to as cutting thickness or cutting performance – is up to five centimeters below the length of the sword. Consequently, a chainsaw with a 25-centimeter sword is suitable for sawing tree trunks with a diameter of up to 20 centimeters.

Cutting speed

How fast you can work with the cordless chainsaw depends on its chain or cutting speed. best sander for wood floor It indicates how many meters the device can saw in a second. Accordingly, the value is given in meters per second. A particularly fast cordless chainsaw, for example, which can cut through thick and thin branches within a short time, works at a cutting speed of eight to twelve meters per second.

How loud does a chainsaw with battery work?

Compared to gasoline chainsaws or wired devices, cordless chainsaws are significantly quieter. Although the operating volume may differ between the models, recommended variants do not exceed the 80-decibel mark. This value corresponds, for example, to a dispute or a piano playing. Accordingly, you do not need any protection for your hearing during use.

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