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what does istg mean on snapchat

by Swapnil Kore

Are we not sure what exactly we want to write? ROFL, LOL, WCW, MCM, WTM? The acronyms on your Snapchat wall are precisely the same as what you see when opening Snapchat. All of this is confusing to you. Would you like to know what ISTG stands for on Snapchat? Here’s what ISTG is all about.

Public posts on social media are limited in characters and words. The advantage of acronyms is that they enable you to write more in fewer words. As a result, the screen size is also reduced. Those who wanted to follow the trend wanted to be a part of it. You can express yourself creatively with internet slang for whatever reason you like.

What Does ISTG Mean On Snapchat?

Because snaps are more than wordy texts, Snapchat opens up a new communication method. On Snapchat and other social media, ISTG is one of the most frequently used internet slang terms.

Swearing to God is called STG. As with anything on Snapchat, ISTG is trending, but it might be tricky for new users to figure out what it means. There have been abbreviated Internet lingo terms for years, but they were mostly limited to a few words like LOL and HRU when Orkut was the only social hub. In today’s world, hashtags and acronyms appear in around 50% of public posts. Posts. It is, therefore, essential that you become familiar with these internet slang terms.

A common reason for writing ISTG is to assure the sender that what they say is accurate. ISTG stands for ‘I Swear To God. It confirms that a sender is adding information or statements to their statement. A person who says “ISTG, you look beautiful” means that he is serious about his words and is not lying about the fact that she is beautiful. ISTG can also convey harsh realities, surprises, or annoyance.

What Does ISTG Mean In Texting?

A step above classic messaging apps where users can only text or send audio messages, Snapchat offers real-time multimedia communication. Sharing live video messages is convenient, as they quickly disappear once viewed. Snapchat is a camera that allows you to take pictures and add live stickers to make your photos even more fun.

Snapchat users can also send ISTG messages to their friends and use them in text messages. The meaning is the same in texting as on Snapchat. ISTG is used differently in texting than in Snapchat, so you are mistaken if you think you know what it means. The expression ISTG can be used in both texting and Snapchatting. It’s not a new phrase; it’s been around for a long time. Oaths and swearing are used to establish innocence and substantiate truthfulness. This phrase can be shortened to ISTG. 

ISTG Meaning & Definition

This acronym stands for ‘I Swear To God, a phrase found in the definition of ISTG. Social media users often use this phrase when chatting or posting publicly. ISTG is pronounced like OMG, meaning ‘Oh My God!’.’.’.’.’.’. “.’.’. It is also common to use the terms OMG and ISTG interchangeably. They differ, however, by a thin margin. The term S2G, which means ‘Swear to God, has been shortened to S2G by many people. Strong emotion or feeling should be expressed with an exclamation mark.

People may use ISTG slang when they are angry, irritated, or want to emphasize a promise, reason, or warning by expressing anger or annoyance. The purpose of this paragraph is to bring to the reader’s attention that ISTG, meaning OMG, has no religious or religious-related connotation.

ISTG Examples

In Snapchat and other social media platforms, you can find numerous examples of ISTG. The following are a few examples of how ISTG can be used.

He explains to his mother what he is feeling.

I haven’t done anything wrong at school.

In this picture, the child explains to their mother that they haven’t done anything wrong at school. ISTG conveys a sense of assurance. In writing an ISTG, the child says they want to assure their mother that they did nothing inappropriate.

Having told his secret to a friend, he tells another friend –

If you tell someone in our friends’ group, I won’t talk to you again.

The person emphasizes he will not be talking to his friend if he reveals his secret to any other friend. A friend here threatens his friend with a secret if he does not show it.

A thief breaks into his house, and he is angry.

I’m with you! Those furtive muggers who steal my valuables will not be spared.

In this case, the person demonstrates that he will not spare the mugger once caught due to his anger.

An engaged couple proposes to each other.

It’s a go! My heart is full of love for you.

A lover here is seriously in love with his lover. Utilizing ISTG, he shows her the extent of his affection toward her as a way to convince her of his love.

ISTG Usage

Instant messaging platforms such as Yahoo Messenger and Orkut began using acronyms during the 1990s. In those days, there were only a few popular acronyms. As slang evolved, so many terminologies were added to this messaging system, and there are still more.

Frequently, teenagers use these one-liners in their conversations as slang or acronyms. The ISTG-like acronyms are believed to have come into existence around 2000, and apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are witnessing them daily.


Beyond showing off one’s appearance, Snapchat encourages people to express their feelings. There’s no need to worry! The Snapchat App can easily mix and match different artworks and stickers to create fun looks. Besides emojis, Snapchat has fun features like chipmunk voices, turning days, you can cut stickers out of your friends’ gangs, and a lot more. The most commonly used acronym here is ISTG, which is part of the fun of this game. Now that you know ISTG on Snapchat, you can discuss it in more detail.

Through trusted sources like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, Snapchat lets you discover what’s happening worldwide. In addition to voice and video calls to up to 15 friends, Snapchat Apk provides excellent deals to interact with the world. Taking photos, communicating, playing games, and using stickers are all included in the Snapchat App.

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