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what does wcw mean on snapchat

by Swapnil Kore

Do you find it hard to remember your friends’ acronyms since you just joined Snapchat?

To make your Snapchat experience more enjoyable, we are here to help you decode those acronyms. We are discussing the World Championship Wrestling today.

In this case, it is probably Wednesday because the photographer is celebrating the woman in the photo.

WCW can be used regardless of gender when highlighting a woman you admire.

Baby boomers might recall World Championship Wrestling when watching WCW. Depending on the context, World Champion Wrestling is sometimes referred to as WCW on Snapchat; however, since it no longer exists, this meaning is rarely utilized.

Let’s take a closer look at the meaning of this slang term and why you should use it on Snapchat.

The Origin of WCW

A woman crush Wednesday was inspired by Man Crash Monday in 2010. #WCW was adopted and used by women worldwide in 2015 to express their appreciation for other women.

WCW has become one of Snapchat’s most recognizable acronyms. As of today, it also serves as a form of informal award and a place for posting attractive women’s pictures from the past.

When To Use the Acronym WCW?

#WCW is most popular on Wednesdays but can occasionally be used on other days.

This feature is perfect for praising, admiring, and affectionately praising girls and women. It’s only a way to express your admiration or love for the lady without being sexual.

Before posting their favorite picture of the day, Snapchat users can add #WCW to the caption. Further comments may be added if you wish.

Examples of Usage for WCW

Example #1: Show (romantic) love to your wife or girlfriend

Mark feels more loving and appreciative of his wife after spending a wonderful day with her. He added the hashtag “#WCW” instead of “#love.” Instead of the hashtag “#wife,” he used “#WCW.”

Example #2: Show admiration and respect for a female friend

The University graduated Hellen and Jessica together. After graduating, Jessica studied for her master’s degree. In the following days, Hellen shared a Snapchat photo of Jessica in her graduation gown.

She applauds her friend’s work ethic and motivation to attain a doctorate in her letter. A quality she admired in Jessica was her inner strength. Whether or not Hellen has romantic feelings for her friend, the “#WCW” tag shows her respect and admiration.

Example #3: Express appreciation and admiration for any woman

They follow one of the celebrities on Ralph’s Snapchat account. Their social media accounts of hers have been updated with her recent charity work. Apart from admiring the celebrity, Ralph also appreciates what she does for others less fortunate. He shared her charity post with the hashtag “#WCW” to show his support for the lady and what she is doing to help others.

WCW Variants

Use the hashtag #MCM to express your gratitude to a male Snapchat user.

MCM gave birth to WCW. Man Crush Monday is the day when men are most appreciated.

Bottom Line

Is there a woman you admire? What can you do to let the world know? #WCW is the hashtag you should use on Wednesday to post a picture of her.

Your love for women can be shared with your significant other on Woman Crush Wednesday.

The following information will give you a clear understanding of the #WCW trend so you can confidently join it.

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