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What is SIAM?

by D F

SIAM stands for Service Integration and Management and a service capacity or a function that delivers such capability. SIAM is a management methodology applied when services are provided from multiple sources. Traditional multi-sourced ecosystems with one consumer and numerous providers have a distinct level of attention.

Key Learnings of SIAM Certifications

The SIAM Professional Certificate assesses a candidate’s understanding of applying Service Integration and Management to real-world circumstances and their ability to examine SIAM ideas further.

Basics of SIAM Professional Training

  • Service integrator ensures that all service providers contribute to a seamless end-to-end experience. One or more organizations, including the customer organization, can supply the Service Integrator Layer.
  • Internal or external service providers include various service providers in a SIAM ecosystem. Each service provider is in charge of providing the consumer with one or more services.
  • The customer organization is the one that is transitioning to the SIAM model. Business departments such as Finance, Human Resources, Sales, and their own internal IT staff are common in customer enterprises. They have their clientele who purchase their goods and services.

You will get the knowledge to process the following works:

  • Conduct an organization assessment to decide better and design a strategy and encourage improvements
  • Determine the necessary elements to undertake a SIAM implementation
  • Design and build a SIAM model for various environments and organizations
  • Select alternative SIAM implementation options
  • Improve the SIAM ecosystem of the organization at every level
  • Use organizational change management to help with SIAM implementation
  • Manage and constantly improve many SIAM-based processes
  • Led a SIAM implementation

SIAM Professional Certificate Stages

  • The discovery and strategy stage
  • The plan and build stage
  • The implement stage
  • The run and improve stage
  • SIAM practices across the stages

Benefits of SIAM Professional Training

For Organizations

  • Reduces the time it takes to administer Cloud and traditional IT services internally.
  • Control and regulation of the Cloud service ecosystem are provided.
  • Integration of services from various providers is less risky and expensive.
  • Allows Cloud and legacy service providers to collaborate on projects.
  • Provides expertise and experience to supplement internal IT management.
  • SIAM offers End-to-end service delivery to the business with a single point of accountability.
  • A Framework For Managing Supplier Performance And Improving Service Level Consistency
  • Improved Customer Service and Cost Predictability
  • Improved supplier governance and control

For Individuals

  • You can manage IT risks and compliance at all ecosystem levels.
  • You can get the most out of your suppliers.
  • You can take advantage of technological breakthroughs to cut IT costs.
  • You can have the knowledge and experience needed to meet SIAM objectives.

Who can attend the SIAM Course at knowlathon?

  • Service Provider Portfolio Managers
  • Service Managers and Practitioners
  • Project Managers
  • Process Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Business Relationship Managers
  • Service Level Managers
  • Supplier Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Business Change Practitioners
  • Service Architects
  • SIAM consultants
  • Organizational Change Practitioners

 SIAM Professional Certification Eligibility

  • There are no prerequisites for enrolling in this certification course. It is ideal to have at least two years of IT sector experience.
  • It is recommended that you thoroughly understand IT Service Management.
  • A thorough understanding of SIAM is essential.
  • Conducting practical assignments in which you must participate is an element of the Accredited SIAM Professional training. The practical exercises are based on the SIAM Professional case study and implementing SIAM Best Practice recommendations.

EXIN SIAM Professional Examination Format

  • Duration – 60 minutes
  • of questions – 40
  • Closed Book Type
  • 26/40 required to pass – 65% pass mark
  • Exam Languages – English, German, Japanese

SIAM Certification Cost

SIAM Professional certification cost is about INR 33000 per participant on average.

Job Opportunities for EXIN SIAM Professional Certification

  • You can expect to be hired as a Service Integrator or Service Manager if you are an entry-level employee or have a few years of IT experience.
  • SIAM Consultants ensure that if services are outsourced to many suppliers, they know how to integrate those suppliers to sustain continuous service delivery. They’re also in charge of designing end-to-end service processes as architecture.

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