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What is the difference between diagonal motorcycle tyres and radial motorcycle tyres

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In the case of motorcycle tyres, a distinction is made between diagonal tyres and radial tyres. The difference is in the course of the individual layers. Diagonal tires therefore consist of several paths arranged diagonally to each other. This ensures a high degree of stability, which is why these tyres are often used in the on-road/off-road or off-road sector.


With radial tires, on the other hand, the individual layers are arranged at an angle of 90° to the running direction. As a result, these tyres cope well with vibrations caused by the road surfaces and also have a long service life. Nowadays, radial tires are mainly used due to their advantages such as better grip, lower heating and resistance to high speeds.


If you have any further questions, let the respective manufacturer or the specialist dealer for motorcycle tyres advise you in detail in order to ensure the safety of the tyres when buying motorcycle tyres.


Motorcycle Wheel Tests: Buy Good Motorcycle Tires with Long Life

You can buy motorcycle tires in multiple versions: Either there are motorcycle tires as single tires or motorcycle tires as a set. In addition to complete wheels in black, you can also buy motorcycle tires with white wall. Motorcycle tires whitewall are tires that are equipped with a white tire side.

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The following table shows you once again different tire types at a glance:


Touring tyres

suitable for all weathers

relatively good grip

relatively long service life

not suitable for a sporty driving style


Off-road tyres

mainly suitable for the terrain

good grip on uneven ground

not a good stop on road asphalt

Caution: often not approved for normal road traffic


Sports tyres

offer safe handling

good grip, even in inclined positions

must be warmed up

relatively short service life


In addition to motorcycle tires without a tube, you can also buy motorcycle tires with a tube.


What advantages and disadvantages you have of it, read here:



can be patched better



becomes porous over time

must be changed regularly


Is there a motorcycle tyre test winner from Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, the test institute has not yet carried out a detailed motorcycle tire test, so we can not name you a test winner at this point. Instead, take a look at our comparison table at AUTO BILD. There you can find out about the individual manufacturers and their offers and at the same time evaluate the price-performance ratio.

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