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Which is better ITIL or PMP?

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Project management certifications are more important than traditional degrees in today’s job market. Project management certifications like ITIL and PMP are popular. People get confused about which certificate to choose because both are unique. Their questions depend on their work. There are a few similarities and differences between the two certifications. Still, it’s hard to know which is best for your career. This article explains the PMP and ITIL certifications.

ITIL-What is it?

ITIL is a globally recognized standard for IT service management best practices (ITSM). It’s for IT service management professionals. The Cabinet Office introduced it in the 1980s. Its original goal was to standardize good IT management so businesses could deliver high-quality services and avoid common pitfalls. Later, it was expanded to offer a comprehensive framework for managing IT service delivery across industries and markets.

PMP®-What is it?

The Project Management Institute administers the PMP® certification for project managers (PMI). It teaches project managers the PMBOK ® principles and procedures. Those who want to lead more prominent and complex projects but need certification to prove their proficiency would benefit.


ITIL certification vs. PMP certification has many differences to consider when choosing a professional course for your career.

  • Eligibility criteria

Master, Strategic Leader, Managing Professional, and Foundation are ITIL 4 certification levels. ITIL Foundation has no prerequisites, but higher levels require passing ITIL Foundation. ITIL Master certification requires five years of advisory or leadership experience. Candidates for PMP must have a four-year degree, 35 hours of Project Management training, and 36 months of experience or CAPM certification. PMP candidates need only an associate’s degree or high school diploma, 60 months of project leadership experience, and CAPM Certification or 35 hours of Project Management training/education.

  • Focus on career

ITIL’s focus on enterprise IT service management reduces its versatility. In ITIL, back-end cost-reduction and IT operations are emphasized. A PMP certification focuses on managing projects in an organization. The PMP ensures the team follows ITIL standards. So, PMP is more versatile because it covers project managers’ best practices and key principles. Job security is another difference between the two. PMP certifications offer more long-term Project Manager jobs, while ITIL Expert jobs are contract-based. Various industries require different certificates, so you must research job ads for your career path to check your skills, knowledge, and accreditation.

  • Recertification

You can keep your ITIL Foundation certificate on your CV forever. ITIL versions may change, but old certifications remain valid after a new version. ‘Bridge courses’ helped ITIL Foundation certificate holders upgrade to a more recent version. When the latest version is released, there is no need for an ITIL 4 Foundation bridging program. Certificate holders must retake the ITIL 4 Foundation exam to get the latest certification. ITIL’s CPD scheme provides digital badges if you pursue a certificate and join their membership program.

To renew the badge, members need 20 CPD points. PMP certificate holders must show that their skills are still relevant and sharp to meet business demands, or PMI will revoke their certification. PMP certificate holders earn 60 PDUs in each 3-year certification cycle. Giving Back to the Profession and Education are PDU categories. Certificate holders should earn 25 giving PDUs and 35 education PDUs by the end of the process. If they don’t make enough PDUs, they’ll lose their certification after a year.

  • Examination outline 

Suppose you are asking about the examination format for an introductory level ITIL Foundation course. In that case, it consists of forty multiple-choice questions and passes the test. You need to earn at least 65 percent, equivalent to getting at least 26 questions correct. The duration of the entire examination is one hour; however, those who present themselves for the test in a language that is not their working language or their native language will be granted an additional quarter of an hour. The ITIL Foundation exam has been given to individuals to assess their terminology knowledge, general familiarity with ITIL principles, and fundamental aspects of the service value chain and system. Unlike the ITIL certification, the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam lasts four hours and does not include any breaks. It consists of 200 multiple-choice questions with multiple choice answers; you must correctly answer 175 questions to receive a score. The remaining 25 questions are a pretest designed to determine whether or not the questions will be legitimate on subsequent exams. 

Which to choose—ITIL or PMP?

Because each certification has advantages, selecting the most appropriate one might be challenging. This piece summarizes which one is the best option for you based on your occupation.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of certifications available; it is crucial to check that your level of education and experience is commensurate with the number of hours necessary for each certificate.

Because of this, selecting the appropriate certification, whether ITIL or PMP, is unquestionably a challenging task. It is not a terrible idea to evaluate the various credentials and use them as a reference to decide which one will be most advantageous to you in your professional life. In conjunction with your current level of expertise, the type of business you intend to work for is the most crucial factor to consider when determining which certification is ideal.

Concluding lines

In conclusion, both certificates are good options for project managers because they are among the world’s most well-known and widely regarded qualifications. However, your choice between the two will be heavily influenced by the specific job roles you seek and the field in which you would like to work. On the other hand, the PMP certification is the obvious route to take if your goal is to improve your project management abilities. While the primary emphasis of ITIL is on the management of services in the information technology industry and industries related to it, the PMP principles are more generic.

Certifications demonstrate that you are committed to your field while acquiring new skills and knowledge. Are you interested in advancing your profession to the next level? You can sign up for a Simplilearn online certificate course as soon as possible.

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