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by Swapnil Kore

Snapchat is a fun and youthful social media platform where you can keep up with your friends. You can share your location with friends and see who you talk most with, in addition to sending disappearing messages. This popular platform has a sense of community compared to other social media platforms.

Who Owns Snapchat?

 In addition to Bobby Murphy, Snapchat was founded by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. Murphy owns 15% of the company, while Spiegel owns 13%. Due to his position as a chief technology officer, Murphy holds a bit more than Spiegel. As a result of the social media company, both men have achieved massive success. Bobby Murphy prefers to work in the background when it comes to interviewing about technology. Evan Spiegel often serves as the company’s public relations spokesperson. Kappa Sigma was their fraternity at Stanford University. As a senior two years before Spiegel, Murphy already had a lot of experience. Spiegel originally planned to attend Stanford but dropped out in favor of starting Snapchat. When Spiegel was 25, Snapchat made him a billionaire. Murphy’s value is $14.9 billion, and Spiegel’s is $13.6 billion. Murphy and Spiegel do not have voting rights despite owning 30% of the company. These shares are available to public stockholders. Murphy and Spiegel were among the few who experienced more success. Spiegel was 2015’s youngest billionaire. Three years after Snapchat was released to the public, Murphy was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in consumer technology. Nearly 300 million people use Snapchat every month, posting billions of posts. Many founders succeeded despite not finishing their degrees because they dropped out of school to start their businesses. Stanford’s fraternity, Kappa Sigma, would not have existed without it. Opportunities can be found anywhere.

How Snapchat Started

A group of three people founded Snapchat in 2011: Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel. Snapchat users’ photos and videos disappear a few minutes after posting them on the app. Brown invented Snapchat. The idea was well received by Spiegel’s students, especially those with nosy parents and friends. As Murphy knows how to code, they approached him with their idea, believing it would appeal to young internet users. Before Snapchat, the trio released Picaboo. There was a perception among Spiegel and Murphy that Reggie Brown did not do as much work as they did. Three years after Snapchat was released, Reggie Brown was listed as a co-founder after the original trio agreed to pay him $157 million for his contributions. Snapchat’s creators have established a clear boundary since the beginning of the process. Bobby Murphy handled technical management. The responsibilities of Evan Spiegel include public relations and business management. Snapchat’s CEO and chief technology officer have always been Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. A successful business was built by combining the talents and interests of the couple. These two are the perfect example of why two heads are better than one.

Does Facebook Own Snapchat?

Facebook does not own Snapchat. Despite Facebook’s multiple attempts to purchase Snapchat, Snapchat’s founders don’t want to sell their company. Snapchat is among the social media competitors that Facebook has tried to acquire. A $3 billion offer from Facebook to Snapchat was made in 2013. Facebook’s users tend to be older at the moment. A Facebook marketing campaign was launched to attract young users to the platform Murphy and Spiegel created. Facebook was making a desperate attempt at this time to change the nature of its user base. Facebook is also considered Twitter, which has a younger audience. The social media platforms failed to respond to Facebook’s request.  Snapchat’s biggest competitor, Instagram, was acquired by Facebook. After Facebook acquired Instagram, the company began modifying its features to mimic Snapchat’s, such as disappearing posts and filters. This negatively impacted Snapchat’s IPO price. It was uncertain how Snapchat would respond to Facebook’s copycat practices. The social media cold war ended when Snapchat innovated and became even more than Snapchat. Snap Map was one of the first features introduced by Snapchat. The Snap Map allows users to display their location. Snapchat Action Bar allows you to order food, message friends, and search for popular destinations. Snapchat is also heavily invested in augmented reality technology. Developers can create and share AR experiences using Snapchat Lens Studio.

Does Google Own Snapchat?

A Snapchat owned by Google does not exist. Similar to Facebook, Google rejected Snapchat’s purchase offer. Google offered 30 billion dollars to purchase the popular social network, ten times more than Facebook. Snapchat’s executives met privately with Google just before its last funding round. Evan Spiegel’s desire to remain independent is well known among Snapchat’s employees, regardless of Google’s offer. Evan Spiegel rejected a massive offer from Facebook after he refused to sell Snapchat to the company. Despite Facebook’s competitiveness dragging Snapchat down, Spiegel preferred Snapchat’s freedom over regaining its former market cap. Despite Google’s release, the public could still take advantage of its offer. People who once dismissed Snapchat as a thing of the past turned their attention back to what Snapchat was doing to justify a $30 billion offer from Google, increasing the share price by 2.3%. Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, and Evan Spiegel have a positive relationship. There was much more benevolence in Facebook’s offer than in Facebook’s purchase of a competitor. Rather than investing in the company, Google Capital G did so. Snapchat invested more in its application to compete with Facebook’s Instagram. If Google bought Snapchat, Spiegel’s company’s independence would be compromised, but he will not do so. Snapchat has refused to give up despite increased competition from Facebook. Several factors contribute to Snapchat’s popularity, starting with its core concept. As long as the post does not stick around forever on the user’s page, many users consider the best seats to be the imperfect ones. Professional-quality photos and videos are typically posted by people with large followings on social media.  Users can use Snapchat to provide a more realistic look into their lives than they would with a traditional social media platform. Videos about parties, silly moments with friends, and inspirational videos are all available on our site. Users on Snapchat have always been encouraged to be themselves without feeling the pressure to be perfect. According to Spiegel’s first blog post on Snapchat, users should use the app to express their emotions without fear of appearing unprofessional. The secrecy it offers is also a contributing factor to its success. The first Snapchat users were grade school students in California. Students whose families’ phone plans limited their monthly text messages had no problem using Snapchat because it uses the internet to connect users. Students didn’t need phones to use the app since they could use it without one. At the time of Snapchat’s release, only Murphy and Spiegel’s friends were aware of it. Spiegel’s cousin helped popularize the application among his high school students and spread it across the country.

Snapchat’s User Privacy Problems

Because Snapchat operates independently, it is prone to system errors and professional shortcomings. Everything from hacks to lawsuits has caused severe damage to investors and consumers. One of Snapchat’s first significant obstacles was the New Year’s Eve hack. 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers were revealed on a website they made for the hack. In the following year, the FTC sued Snapchat. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Snapchat misled its users when it explained why their posts disappeared. Regular internet users know that there is nothing genuinely lost on the internet. Even though users can screenshot posts, the Federal Trade Commission and privacy advocates have expressed concern about how Snapchat takes information from their accounts. To comply with the court’s order, Snapchat must be more transparent about the information it collects and its use. A 20-year monitoring contract was ordered in 2014 by an independent third party. The company improperly used account holders’ information, resulting in another issue. In 2019, the company discovered that employees were snooping and saving private messages and posts of users. These employees had access to users’ email addresses, phone numbers, and other information they posted on public forums. The Snapchat founders were not the only staff members shocked to learn their workers were abusing the platform. Users’ data is treated strictly by Snapchat.

Problems With Disappearing Posts

Secrecy has disadvantages for many Snapchat users. There are many advantages and disadvantages to Snapchat’s secrecy. Many people accuse Snapchat of allowing them to post illegal content. According to some, Snapchat’s secrecy makes it easy for nefarious activities such as bullying and revenge porn to emerge too quickly. Even recently, Snapchat has attempted to resolve this issue. Underage French girls posted the first revenge porn in 2020. Creating additional accounts could allow pornography to spread undetected. The users have even been reported to send photos and videos of the victim’s family members. Consequently, many users immediately report these accounts as soon as they become aware of them. Snapchat deletes accounts in such cases without warning. Revenge porn spread following Aaliyah Palmer’s rape in that same year. The rapist’s friends took photos and videos of their posted posts on Snapchat. The disappearing photos of Snapchat’s revenge porn scene have prevented several French victims from collecting evidence of the crimes. Snapchat and other social media platforms have been contacted by several victims asking for mechanisms to collect information about crimes. Sexual crimes committed on Snapchat have resulted in Snapchat losing a lot of potential users and investors.

The Uncertain Future Of Snapchat

The struggles Snap faces are threatening its future. Snapchat is no longer the application it once was due to poor decisions made by its employees and competition with Facebook for youth attention. It is common for these issues to arise when ownership has been transferred, but the same people have owned Snapchat since the beginning. Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel led Snapchat throughout its golden age and dark times. Throughout the history of Snapchat, Snapchat’s founders have acted as exceptional leaders. Despite overcoming challenges, Bobby Murphy maintains a positive attitude, according to those who have worked with him. Snapchat has been pushed to become a better leader due to Facebook purchasing and remodeling Instagram. Murphy creates innovative features that attract new users while Spiegel leads business decisions. The growing level of problems at Snapchat warrants an interest in how Spiegel resolves them. Maintaining ownership requires resilience on the part of both Murphy and Spiegel.

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