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why am i not getting snapchat notifications

by Swapnil Kore

Social media platforms typically grow at a faster rate than Snapchat. You can upload images and multimedia to this mobile application. Messages, photos, and videos can be sent through it. In addition to photos and videos, Snapchat allows you to add text and drawings. Your content can be controlled by who receives it.

A Snap is an email attachment containing a picture or video. Snaps are automatically deleted from Snapchat’s servers after one day of viewing. The recipient of a Snap can view it for a certain period (up to one day).

Snapchat Notifications

Notifications are sent through the Snapchat app. A notice typically consists of a sound, vibration, and a dot in the status bar.

Snapchat displays all notifications, such as receiving snaps, receiving an ad, and opening an image.

You may not receive notifications from specific Snapchat contacts, however. Numerous reports have been received regarding this issue. This guide will assist you if you encounter this problem.

If you are not receiving these notifications, follow these steps to discover why.

Is Your Storage Memory Full?

The Snapchat message server cannot update your internal storage when it reaches the end of the warehouse. When this happens, you won’t receive Snapchat notifications.

Open the Settings app and tap Storage & USB Space to check your storage & USB space. If you delete a few apps or photos from your phone, you can make some space available.

Make sure your SD card has enough space if you plan to take new pictures and videos.

Your Notifications Are Disabled

If you recently turned off your Snapchat notifications, they may not appear. Make sure your messages are not muted by clicking Notifications in the main Settings menu. It is recommended that Snapchat notifications be enabled here.

In addition, this feature may be disabled by default on your device. Apple’s “Content & Privacy Restrictions” feature in iOS 11 allows parents to restrict which apps can send notifications to their children.

These restrictions may disable Snapchat notifications. In Settings > General > Restrictions > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Notifications > Snapchat, you must enable the Allow Notifications option.

Do Not Disturb Mode

It’s easy to assume the app is to blame since the setting is simple and easy to adjust. The “Do Not Disturb” setting on Snapchat prevents notifications from being turned on.

Check if this is the problem by tapping “Do Not Disturb” in the Settings app on your iPhone. If it is turned on, you can send yourself another snap. I should have sent you an email notification.

Snapchat Servers Are Down

You may not be able to access Snapchat due to maintenance. Snapchat, as well as other websites, can be reported outages on Down Detector.

When Down Detector shows many red dots, your area has an outage.

Your account may be affected by a different issue if Snapchat isn’t down. If you use Snapchat, for example, you should update it.

By searching for Snapchat on Google Play or App Store and tapping Update, you can install the latest version of Snapchat.

Is Snapchat Running in the Background?

If Snapchat is not running in the background, you will not be able to receive Snaps or Snapchats until you open it again. Check the battery settings on your phone to see if Low Power Mode is enabled.

This may prevent Snap from running in the background. You can find Snapchat on the Battery Usage by App of Settings > Battery > Battery Usage.

Memory Cache

The Snapchat app may not work on your smartphone or tablet if you have too many apps running. Therefore, restarting your device will free up memory, allowing other applications to perform more efficiently.

The battery can be removed or the power button pressed until the device turns off to renew it. If neither of these options is available, you should wait 30 seconds before turning your device back on.

Alternatively, you may wish to clear all the app data and start over.

Turn Off Battery Saving Mode for Snapchat

You may not be receiving notifications because Snapchat is in battery-saving mode.

A battery-saving mode app cannot receive push notifications or run in the background until you manually open it again, so this may not be the best approach.

Under Settings > Battery, you can choose unmonitored apps. You can now add Snapchat to your list of apps by tapping on Add apps.

Bottom Line

  • There is nothing wrong with Snap in general. Long-term users or even casual users shouldn’t lose their temper.
  • According to the above explanation, most Snapchat notifications are easily fixed. Those errors are not usually Snapchat’s fault.
  •  It might not work the first time around but try again

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