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Why Animated E-cards are Better Than Paper Greeting Cards

by D F
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In today’s era of quick communication, animated greeting cards are the ideal way to impress your clients over the holiday season. Animated greeting cards can be seen on a computer or mobile device. It makes them convenient to view and forward to even more people. Animated greeting cards are far more adaptable than written greeting cards. They use movement, sound, and technology to excite and intrigue your audience, and they can be customized with your message and brand. The following are four advantages of using animated holiday cards:

  1. Millennials will remember this.

The millennial generation is the first to have grown up in a world dominated by digital media. Although this is common knowledge, consider it for a moment. If your print card makes it through the mail and lands on a Millennia’s desk, the dialogue will come to a stop as soon as they open the letter. There is no call-to-action or click-through. What’s worse, there’s no content sharing, which is something Millennials enjoy doing on a daily basis. When someone receives a card in the mail, they can only share it with the others in the same room as them. E-Cards may be shared easily on social media, via smartphones, and even via the recipient’s personal email blast. Of course, you have the extra benefit of metrics like open and click-through rates with e-Cards, which can help you plan for future email promotions.

  1. Speed

Whether you have a few months or a terrified two days before you have to get your e-Card out to clients, the electronic cousin’s quickness is great for individuals who are time-pressed (everyone).

Choose an image, personalize your message, and send your heartfelt e-Card with just one click of a button!

  1. Measurable

You can follow your eCard interactions as soon as you send it thanks to the magic of the internet. Unlike traditional print cards, where you never know if the mailman misplaced it or if the dog ate it, e-Card analytics are instantaneous and real-time.

This priceless feature helps you to have a better understanding of your clientele. Also, it helped to assess the efficacy of your communications and campaigns. Which clients opened the email, clicked to play the e-Card, and interacted are all crucial pieces of data for today’s marketer. For many professional services firms, receiving a personal thank you is the icing on the cake!

  1. Print vs. e-Cards for the Holidays

With postal mail rates declining and printing and postage costs rising the concept of a greeting card printed on paper and mailed is no longer viable. With the rise of telecommuting, you’re scrambling to send cards addressed to the corporate office to your contacts who work from remote locations. Unfortunately, the majority of them end up in landfills. Enter animated holiday e-Cards, a great way to get your message out quickly. You’ll discover a solution to match every timetable and budget. Whether you’re searching for a custom-crafted and unique brand experience or a pre-existing shell you can emblazon with your logo and call it a day. You can send holiday e-Cards in bulk. Also, you can urge staff to send them to their own email lists for a more personal touch.

  1. Spend Less

Animated greeting cards can be a great way to cut costs if you have a large contact list. You don’t have to pare down your contact list to send a holiday greeting card. Animated greeting cards allow you to reach out to all of your contacts for a single fee. This obviates the need for printing and postage.

  1. Green is the way to go.

It should come as no surprise that animated greeting cards are a greener option than printed Christmas greetings. Replace paper cards, envelopes, and stamps with an appealing digital message to reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Get Your Name Known

Your contacts will always be impressed by a fully personalized animated greeting card. Your personalized holiday message, combined with movement, music, and cutting-edge technology, captivates receivers. It also creates a one-of-a-kind relationship with your brand.


Sending holiday wishes with a custom-designed animated greeting card is a cost-effective and attention-getting option. It’s never too early to start planning your holiday card!

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